Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash CurlersLong and curly eyelashes not only get with mascara, but if you’re a very lucky woman and have been provided with such long eyelashes, surely you will choose other care, such as the eyelash curler. Yes, that little tool that at times in our lives we have seen somewhere and never knew what it was until the older sister of a friend of ours taught us. Overall, that instrument that often look with suspicion, being well Used can do wonders with our eyes, enlarging and beautifying our eyes.

If you’ve never used and you want to join the club, I’ll give you some tips thanks to eyelash curler Lucas a look of infarction: Continue reading


Makeup tips

Makeup tipsIt may sound a little word or Chinese might be of you already knowing this product from leftovers. The rebases cream is a product that is used before makeup base, helping not only secure but also helps to even skin tone, hides small pores or wrinkles, and even some functions also have to try and regulate fat production or simply hydrated. You’ll do great if you are the type that makes them hard or you are a bit of glitter they come easily. Continue reading

Brush Blankets

Brush BlanketsI do not know if you will be going, but I, for example, I have a lot of makeup brushes at home rarely clarify me if for one thing or another, and how no, is added the problem of how store them so they do not spoil. Well the solution is very easy, a friend taught me makeup: the trick is to buy one or Factories blanket brushes. In cosmetic stores you can find countless them with brushes included or not.

As brushes, super market is wide! You can find plenty of brushes for makeup each day of the week. As I mentioned, you can buy them in a blanket of brushes for eyes, face or general, or buy them loose. Continue reading

Face Illuminator

Face IlluminatorHow many bad sides have saved my face illuminator. Although many women confuse illuminator with concealed, you have to know that they are two totally different things. A good illuminator is designed to bring light to the face or volume, both across the base and well defined specific areas, and well implemented will provide a light-filled and very lively face. Will definitely make the difference between 10 to one current makeups. Instead, the corrector is used to match the skin tone, correct dark circles or hides redness or pimples. Continue reading

Brushes Zoeva

Brushes ZoevaZoeva Know? It is a German makeup company devoted to full pallets and brushes, all of good quality, but above all, very good price.

Your kit brushes Zoeva more successful the eye and face brushes consisting of 12 and very pleasant, soft, dense, artificial hair and light wood handle brushes. They are all different and are saved in a beautiful and useful blanket that is included. Continue reading

Make Deliplus

Make DeliplusBeing in a time of economic sacrifices not had to mean at any time the stop be beautiful. If always have loved makeovers with colors you have taken and use the latest creams with new effects, why stop now that we have to tighten the belt?

Well the solution is easy: if not perhaps before we watched our pocket and so we allowed us the luxury of buying products of high economic value, we have to do now is to investigate new brands and new products to thank or blame for the crisis have chosen to maintain the beauty in women, but about lower prices, such as the Deliplus makeup cosmetics line supermarket Mercadona. Continue reading

Bridal makeup

Bridal makeupFashions change and always go though a bride dressed in white, the truth is that trends in makeup bridal change every season. Yes, naturalness is a factor that must always be on a bride.

To begin, it is essential to consider if the wedding is day or night. In both cases, we must choose the eye shadow and the base that best suits our skin and our way, but with some variations depending on the time of day in which we are going to say yes I do.

For weddings that take place during the afternoon and evening, the best are the shadows with smoky effect, since the nocturnal allows us chances with darker colors. Ultimate in bridal makeup is the wet look, which gives the brides much cooler and allows combining it with the long-lasting makeup to avoid having to be happening again and again touches for a special day look. Continue reading

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeupThe permanent makeup is also called micro pigmentation, and involves the implementation of specific pigments in the epidermis. This implementation is painless and should be done with absolute guarantee of hygiene.

How is it done

The technique is very simple, it is inserting with a very fine needle specific pigments in the desired area and appropriate color.

What is the duration

It is a temporary treatment, pigments will be being absorbed by the skin. The duration is between one and a half to two years, and then must make tweaks to endure impeccable. Continue reading

Highlight and corrects getting the perfect face

Highlight and corrects getting the perfect faceWith the art of makeup and retouching we can give extra value to the beauty natural. For this it is important to handle it as facial features and style of the person you are going to make up; otherwise, does not fully exploit this great tool. Secret is to see individually and as a whole aspect of the face. First, test each area bringing more and then go check him combining his face and clothes to be worn. Skin Healthy In general, for any process needs a base and makeup is no exception. Continue reading

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