Beauty kit for travel and emergencies

Beauty kit for travel and emergenciesBeauty kit when traveling for work or for fun reasons, we can not neglect our beauty.However, the moisture may have caused our straight and neat hair becomes a tangle full of frizz. The sun can be respected and we burned our skin too, can travel stress that causes our skin blackheads and pimples appear undesirable. So what do we do with these impervious?

Prepare a beauty kit

If you’re traveling, it’s good carry-on beauty kit that includes: Continue reading


Masks of evening primrose oil for dry skin

Masks of evening primrose oil for dry skinEvening Primrose Evening primrose, primal also called grass or donkey, is a plant belonging to the family Onagraceae.

It is national to North America and be introduced into Europe in the seventeenth century.

It has been widely used in the production of natural remedies for asthma, but is also used, especially its oil, in the world of natural cosmetics for dry skin because of its ability to retain moisture in the skin. Continue reading

Airbrush makeup airbrush makeup

Airbrush makeup airbrush makeupAirbrush The world of cosmetology continues to advance, and with it, new options appear to be one of her makeup airbrush or spray better known in English under the name of airbrush makeup.This technique is widely used makeup for photo shoots, film and television.

However, it can be used for special occasions like weddings, parties, etc. and with it a natural feel is achieved and, simultaneously, professional. Continue reading

Tips health and beauty

Tips health and beautyLenses Contact lenses, which began to be used as a substitute for eyeglasses, increasingly have more and more followers.

They are! Ideal to combine good vision and aesthetic because, unlike glasses, do not change our expression and not notice that we solution. So many opt mostly for its use.

However, that doubts may arise when makeup and also need to take into account certain precautions to use them without troubles. Some tips: Continue reading

Facial Hair Removal

Facial Hair RemovalFacial hair removal Hair removal is a process that has been used for removing hairs from ancient time.

At present there are many methods that sometimes are painful and annoying, as they leave sensitive and irritated skin.

The situation is even more delicate when it comes to facial skin. For that reason, it is important to know what is the best method for facial hair removal.

However, in order to determine which one is best, it is necessary to consider some individual factors such as: the characteristics of the hair and skin types. Here are five methods with their advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading

Homemade masks for normal skin

Homemade masks for normal skinNormal skin Normal skin is balanced. That is, is neither too dry nor too oily; it is the ideal type of skin.

It is moist and airy, and has a smooth texture and even good color. Normal skin has a smooth appearance and is firm to the touch. Though the pores may be detectable in it, are never large.

Despite all these advantages, normal skin should be kept carefully as other skin types. Continue reading

Rupture of capillaries remedies

Rupture of capillaries remediesCapillary break the capillaries are small blood vessels that lie near the surface of the skin.

When the walls of these capillaries are weakened, lose its elasticity and can not return to normal size after dilation. Then collapse and the skin turn red.

The rupture of capillaries appears more often on the face especially when you have a dry, sensitive or mature skin but can also do it in any other body part. Continue reading

Remedies for headaches and migraines

Remedies for headaches and migrainesHeadache remedies Headaches may manifest as a dull throbbing pain or sharp transfixing as one on one or both sides of the head. Sometimes the pain is in the area of the temples or behind the eyes.

Blurred vision, sinus pressure and hypersensitivity to light are symptoms that can accompany headaches.

Most of these problems are caused by stress. This causes muscle spasms in the head, neck, scalp and shoulders, which can interfere with circulation in the head. Continue reading

Eliminate cellulite with essential oils

Eliminate cellulite with essential oilsCellulite oils about 90% of all women over age 18 have cellulite those nasty fat deposits also known as orange peel skin.

Cellulite is something more than ordinary fat; it is the combination of fat, cellular debris and water. This combination forms a gelatinous mass which is trapped in the tissue located beneath the surface of the skin, causing ripples, bumps and bulges visible.

Cellulite usually appears on the hips and thighs, but may also occur in the arms, abdomen and back. Continue reading

To cover or camouflage

To cover or camouflageSummer is coming and that means more hours of sunshine, days nonstop. And the last thing you want is to stay home. The result is that less sleep, fatigue becomes more visible, dark circles appear, your skin is off. Learn to not only cover your imperfections.

Have a clear objective: to show off a healthy, pristine face. A study of the three Max Factor’s imperfections to bring female head is dark circles, acne or consequences of the darkest spots by excessive pigmentation. However, when you get your check does not always get the desired effect. Continue reading

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