Beauty Secrets Lash and Brow

Beauty Secrets Lash and BrowHomemade Beauty Tips for Eyebrows and eyelashes

Eyebrows and eyelashes are essential in anyone’s face. Enhance your eyes, make them look more beautiful and the whole face, you end up having a different air. Yes, provided that you have them in good condition. Here we give some tricks that may be of interest in it.

Olive oil Eyebrows and eyelashes occupy an important place in the beauty of the face. Continue reading


Learn about the natural antiseptic for your skin

Learn about the natural antiseptic for your skinOur skin is the largest organ that has the body and is exposed to pollutants and microorganisms that are everywhere.

When we suffer from a small wound on the surface of the skin or body cavities this may be the gateway to these microorganisms our body causing thereby different types of infections.

One way to avoid this situation is to use plants and other natural substances that have an antiseptic to kill germs action preventing their proliferation.

Examples of natural antiseptics are detailed: Continue reading

Errors by cleaning the face

Errors by cleaning the faceIt seems a simple facial cleansing routine, but sometimes we make mistakes that have negative effects on the skin.

Some of them are like dryness, irritation, glitter, or even sagging. Therefore, it is necessary to learn what the most common mistakes and how to avoid to give the necessary care to the skin.

Common errors in facial cleansing

Error limpeza face 1: Products inadequate. Suitable cleaners must have the ability to completely remove dirt, makeup and other external agents without removing the natural oils of the skin or healthy cells. Continue reading

Avoid the sun burn you and stain your skin

Avoid the sun burn you and stain your skinThe sun’s rays are a major ally of health provided that proper precautions are taken. 20 minutes of sun are enough to strengthen bones, lift your mood, relieve stress and activate the micro circulation.

However, these same rays can cause skin damage including the formation of stains, burns and without the dangerous skin cancer.

In this sense, is presented, then a series of recommendations that aim to protect the skin to avoid burning or staining due to Astro Rey. Continue reading

Hazardous cosmetics

Hazardous cosmeticsToday many beauty products and toiletries business are made with chemicals that can be hazardous to health.

Even in the United States approximately 60,000 women are affected by the use of these products with burns, rashes, allergies and even hair loss; excluding the possible carcinogenic effects could have long-term exposure to these chemicals.   Due to this, you need to be careful when choosing them. Continue reading

Masks and other beauty recipes for mature skin

Masks and other beauty recipes for mature skinOver the years, the skin begins a process of enve erased aging skin. Skin thickness decreases 1.13% per annum and the collagen content up to 30% in the first 5 years.

However, there care to help make this process slower. A balanced diet rich in antioxidants, proper hygiene, drinking plenty of water and use protection astral begin to become more important since our teens. Continue reading

Morning after a sleepless night-how to look attractive?

Morning after a sleepMorning reflection in the mirror after a sleepless night, you are unlikely to appreciate its irresistible. Eyes red and puffy, swollen face and skin tone and all approaches to gray.

And if here to add unpredicted guests – headache that comes first to wish Good morning!

It becomes quite clear that today the house is better not to go. But what if you really need? Expert beauty salon will help to hide the consequences of insomnia and return the bright colors. Continue reading

Tips to have beautiful and healthy feet

Tips to have beautiful and healthy feetThe feet are perhaps the most neglected part of our body. But, it is not only useful when activate from one place to another but also in summer we like to show off .Below is a series of tips that are convenient to them when beautiful and healthy.


They are often inevitable when shoes are released, demonstrating the inadequacy of the same.

Resist the temptation to prick because the risk of infecting runs. The old remedies are effective: a poultice of freshly grated carrot or dab with crushed garlic and gradually reduce the liquid will dry. Continue reading

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