How to make natural makeup for 10 minutes

 make a natural makeup Some feel insecure without makeup, because he usually gives confidence in his own. Therefore, the only way – to learn how to use make-up so that the man did not think about it.Every girl and woman wants to be for his beloved, beautiful and unique, since it tends to become perfect in all respects. The appearance  givens considerable importance. Very often, we want to look natural, but to appear before the beloved absolutely no makeup can not always.

Some feel insecure without makeup, because he usually gives confidence in his own. Continue reading


Proper hair care in summer

 hair care The hair becomes dull, brittle. Wind and rain also adversely affect the structure of curls. Hair looks shaggy, disheveled, and the ends are cut thinner, sometimes hairs begin to fall. Most adverse factors are various air conditioning resistant paint or endless styling. Keep a healthy and beautiful hair in the summer can only be subject to the rules of care, humidification, power locks.

The causes leading to the loss of the summer and brittle hair:

Exposure of strands and ultraviolet sunlight. Ultraviolet rays destroy natural pigments cause bruising and dried hair.Bathing in the sea for a long stay in the salt water. Continue reading

Hair care

Hair care

Beautiful bangs hairstyle complements, allows you to hide some flaws person to focus on the eyes, cheeks. Sometimes, however, after the failed experiments with painting, haircut  becomes dull, weak, not well-groomed, very slowly growing. Ways how to grow bangs easily, a lot, so to be upset because of this it is not necessary. We just need to learn useful tips, apply them correctly at home. Continue reading

The Secrets of attractive women

The Secrets of attractive womenThe ease with which operates this secret is amazing. You will see the reality around you is just going to be filled with beautiful, charming girl, like a magazine cover. And they will pay attention to you. Rack focus. You will be of interest to them, they will come to you, speak to you, as it were casually to cuddling. And you will just let them do what they want to be so hard. Give them a bit of his precious attention, but what if you want more. Continue reading

Beautiful lips

beautiful lips

Beautiful lips – is an essential attribute of female attractiveness. The concept of beautiful lips is relative and is changing depending on the time, fashion, personal preference, however, there are parameters which form the lips defined as beautiful – lip contour clearly defined, lower lip slightly wider and bigger top is vertically  in the same plane or slightly acts, in the mouth width slightly less than the distance between the pupils and the height of the red upper rim lips is generally 2/3 of the height of the bottom. Continue reading

Pressotherapy For Health And Beauty Body

Beauty BodyPressure therapy received recognition many women who look after their health and body. Of course, the procedure can not be considered a panacea for all problems, but its effectiveness in ensuring the lymphatic drainage is no doubt. The procedure uses a special apparatus for pressure therapy, which resembles the suit with a lot of wires and hoses.

Through these hoses cuff suit supplied air, which creates the effect of the press. Power compression is regulated by computer. Continue reading

Beauty and health of your body

Beauty and health bodyEvery woman wants to have a beautiful body, and in so doing, it can help to tens or even hundreds of beauty treatments. So you do not get lost in their diversity and recognize the most accurate information about them, we set up our categories.

Here you will find the advantages and disadvantages of each salon procedure orient in the cost of services, Continue reading

The unique advantage of funds for tanning

tanning beautyGirls who want to visually reduce the volume of figures like this property tanning as an opportunity to use them to contoured body yourself at home. To do this, professionals are advised to put on a body toning lotion, and then apply a light highlighter, modeled his own hands desired shapes and lines. The main thing to know the correct application of the scheme for the tanning of the visual slimming. Alternating application of light and dark shades of skin mask the extra volumes. Continue reading

The essence of a perm eyelashes

eyelashesLooking at the man, often seen exactly eye. Make it look irresistible beautiful help perfect curl. Perming eyelashes a technique known beauties over the years. Once the perm hair began to be used for creating fashionable curls, the master decided to try curling and cilia, and they managed it perfectly. Since chemical wave of eyelashes is used by women around the world.

During the procedure, the hairs on the previously wound on a special adhesive roller to apply the chemical mixture. It is distributed in stages on the tips and a half lengths. The roots are not affected, so the chemistry is not damaged hair follicles. Continue reading

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