How to treat a burn on a person

How to treat a burn on a personBurns are injuries occurred at home. It can range from mild to severe burns, which may well be fatal.

You can make your own first aid treatment for burns if the affected area is no longer than 3 inches in diameter. Here are 3 methods you can use:

Cooling: Allow the water to flow directly onto the burned area at least five minutes. This can be done until the pain is relieved a little. Continue reading


Beauty Secrets of Miranda Kerr

Beauty Secrets of Miranda KerrMiranda Kerr is a beautiful model who dazzles on the catwalk with her ​​stunning beauty.

The 31 year old model said to get up and get ready in the morning to leave home only takes 15 minutes.

Almost always have little time in the mornings, especially when you have a baby, so I have a very simple beauty routine to be ready in just 15 minutes, he said. Continue reading

Materials for hair extensions

hair extensionsThe materials used for the procedure increase donor hair, which are divided into four main types: European, Slavic, Asian and Negroid.

Price of the materials used to build, consists of several factors – are taken into account the region of origin, quality of raw materials, especially its treatment. The better treatment is made, the higher the quality of the new hair, their safety and durability. Continue reading

Beauty Secrets of Sara Carbonero

Beauty Secrets of Sara CarboneroSara Carbonero is completely recuperate your pregnancy it your confessed her beauty secrets.

The journalist has shown that it has an amazing body but this does not stay alone. To have your firm uses electromagnetism muscles, this is a series of electrodes attached to the body that they do is they stimulate the muscles while you perform sport.A much fuller tone that gets better results at the same time. In addition, the reporter conducted

Another sport like Pilates, and to delve into the world of boxing. Continue reading

Best Tips to Look a beautiful legs

Best Tips to Look a beautiful legsIf you want to look beautiful legs with the clothes you wear.

We tell you how

The leggings are super relaxed, easy to use, with thousands of colors, different textures and thicknesses; will give versatility to your legs and allow you to do what you want, from bike, go for a walk in the park with your friends or boyfriend, go to movies, go shopping, well thousands of activities to do and discover. Continue reading

Tips for a deluxe manicure

Tips for a deluxe manicureIf you want to make yourself one deluxe manicure at home.We leave these tips are easy to do to show off your great manicure.

The key is doing not hurry to wait for the layers of the product to dry completely before applying the next.

The pressure of the scissors or clippers can defoliate the nail if it is a little weak. Preferably limes only periphery in one direction and an accessory that will not be very aggressive. Continue reading

Makeup for Big Eyes

Makeup for Big EyesIf you have big eyes, we will say as makeup appropriately.You just have to be careful because the big fit to bust eyes may look very bad if they show off makeup and eyeliner can ruin beautiful eyes.

The sparkle shades are one of the best makeups for large eyes, because the eyes really do stand out. You can be appropriate a matte color shade of the lash line and then add the shade of surface shine on the eyelids to help highlight your eyes. Continue reading

Tips to gain volume in hair

Tips to gain volume in hairHair volume often not easy to get hair volume and win, despite all our efforts, lice fainted.

Importantly largely depend on the type of hair you have.However, there are some recipes, tips, tricks and beauty tips that can help get a voluminous mane.

Homemade beauty tips

Molded home. Recollect Before bed hair in a bun. In a few hours you will look beautiful undulations that will give you a natural volume. Continue reading

How to look beautiful and toned back

How to look beautiful and toned backLook back when we go to the beach or we look like an evening dress with a neckline pronounced in the back is where we want our back look elegant and, at the same time beautiful.

However, for a beautiful look back we must take care of it properly and this is the axis that supports the body and is responsible for stability in the musculature system and is involved in most movements.

If we neglect this area of your body you may regret it. According to the World Health Organization of the world population may be suffering back pain at some point in their lives, and 30% gets to become chronic. Hence the need to look back not only beautiful but also toned and this can be achieved through a series of exercises. Continue reading

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