The beauty of nature

The beautyThe beauty of nature do you often go to the grocery supermarket? And one day you wonder how much natural cosmetics are on grocery shelves? I want to offer, go to the store to buy products is not to saturate, and not even for the healing of the body, namely, to stock up on vitamin resources for personal beauty and tenderness of the skin!

We all know that health – is the proper diet, respectively, diet. But we will not talk because of the cleansing of the body does not say just lazy! First we determine what products for which we need. Continue reading


How to lighten freckles and age spots?

age spotsHow to whiten the skin If you have dark spots, freckles or acne, try the daily wipe your face and neck with fresh birch sap.For skin that is prone to pigmentation and freckles, you can suggest and mask of fresh cucumber. Fresh cucumber rubbed on a fine grater and mix with one tablespoon of any nutrient cream. Is applied on the face for 15 minutes, and then rinsed with warm water. Mask has a slight bleaching, refreshing effect.

At home Bleaching of pigment spots in the morning and evening skin can be wiped clean three-percent solution of hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, cranberry juice, parsley juice or vinegar. Continue reading

What if the crack in her arms?

crack armsA crack in her arms If you still brought his hands before the painful cracks, you can do poultice of hot potato. Boil some potatoes in their skins, peel and mash into a puree. This should be done quickly enough to potatoes did not have time to cool completely.

But do not hurry so as not to burn through hot potato skin! Spread mashed uniform layers on, the two pieces of sheer fabric and wrap their hands. Hold until the compress to cool down completely, then remove it, rinse with water and place the remains of a moisturizer. Continue reading

Care for dry skin

Dry SkinCare for problem skin Dry skin is especially common in people with blond or red hair. Due to small porosity and thin epidermis dry skin looks young people look very attractive, but is prone to premature formation of wrinkles and folds. In addition, dry skin reacts adversely to temperature fluctuations, changes in the weather: the deposition of stains, cracks, inflammation, redness and peeling occur.

On a dry skin rarely clearly silhouetted small blood vessels and rare acne. In addition, dry skin is very sensitive. For dry skin, often unknowingly treated lightly. And indeed, many of you pay attention to the lack of productivity of the sebaceous glands? Only in the mirror suddenly find numerous crow’s feet around the eyes, we can see that look older than their years and that punished for their carelessness. Continue reading

Chocolate protect the skin from wrinkles

 skin from wrinklesEating dark chocolate prevents knit your Daily consumption of a small amount of dark chocolate protects the skin from the negative effects of sunlight, which leads to skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles, discovered by British scientists who conducted the study for the private dermatological clinic European Dermatology London.

The study found that just a couple of slices of chocolate every day will help prevent wrinkles caused by UV light is sunlight, and also reduces the likelihood of skin cancer. However, this only works with chocolate containing a very large amount of antioxidant contained in the cocoa beans. Continue reading

Nails and their care

NailsHere are some ways to strengthen nails, which can be done at home.

Firming bath of sea salt.

In half a liter of warm water, add 1 tablespoon of sea salt, preferably natural, without dyes. Dip your fingers in the tub for about 20 minutes. Dry your hands thoroughly. This procedure should be done every day for 10-12 days, then take a break for 1 month.

Firming bath of iodine and salt.

In a glass of warm water dissolve 1 tablespoon salt. Add to 4-5 drops of iodine. Dip the tips of his fingers in the tub for 15-20 minutes. Continue reading

Care for natural nails

Nail CareCare of natural nails , as well as for your hands, should be permanent, that it did not end in beauty salons and smoothly into the home wall. Healthy nails should be strong, flexible and pink in color, sometimes problems with nails testify about problems with health.

It is necessary to weaken a little hand care as overgrown nail cuticle easily toiling appear minor abrasions. If they are not disinfected immediately (with iodine, liquid Castellated, green paint, potassium permanganate), it could face a purulent infection. Continue reading

Plastic surgery

 surgeryPlastic surgery Sooner or later, almost every woman looking the part in the mirror, think about plastic surgery. Every day, hundreds of people are turning to plastic surgeons for help. Who wants to lose weight quickly, others – to rejuvenate, the third – the vital need to make the perfect nose, and the fourth – to increase the apparent size of a small chest.

And despite numerous warnings of experts about the possible complications and unwarranted results Every year, many patients expose themselves to aesthetic surgery, dreaming of ideal beauty, eternal youth or the pursuit of specific objectives. Continue reading

The basis of essential oils

essential oilsUnfortunately, these days the prescription anti-aging creams have not yet created. But it is likely that such a tool would be the cream on the basis of essential oils. For now aromatherapist make a powerful claim to be leaders not only among the means to address cosmetic issues, but also among the means of prevention and the prevention of skin aging.

Everyone knows that the skin of women depends on the hormonal status. Typically, age estrogen levels in the body begin to fall, which reduces the elasticity of the skin of the body. Continue reading

Herbal medicine to clean oily skin

Oily skinGreasy skin. Flower water for washing: 6 drops Bergamot, 4 drops Lavender, 100 ml vody. Posle washing the skin rubbed lotion infusions of tea, marigold, sage, oak bark, mother and stepmother.

Recipes lotions for cleansing oily skin herbal medicine

To clean the oily skin of the face and neck, you can use lotions, cooked at home. In fact, this water-alcoholic extracts from medicinal plants. For this plant material pours vodka and insist 7-10 days, then strain. Continue reading

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