Naughty freckles

Freckles tipsNaughty freckles Often in the spring under the influence of bright sunlight, some girls freckles. It is yellowish-brown spots often appear on the face or exposed parts of the body. So sometimes our skin reacts to ultraviolet rays emission of melanin. They mostly appear in people with delicate, white-skinned blondes and redheads have.

Some girls like freckles, they emphasize their naughty and cheerful character, and some of them are trying to bring in the belief that spoil the appearance of freckles. Continue reading


How are healthy and beautiful nails

healthy and beautiful nailsThe beautiful  nails – an integral part of any modern image of young ladies … But that nails have always been healthy and beautiful manicure, followed by a competent and need regular maintenance. And there cannot be restricted to occasional visits to the beauty salon.

How are healthy nails?

They are durable, flexible, pink. If it is not, the first thing is to understand the reasons. Problems with the nails may indicate any irregularities in the body. Continue reading

Body Scrub at home

How To Body Scrub Body Scrub In the spring, our skin loses its freshness and elasticity due to lack of vitamins. It becomes dry, fine flakes begin to flake. To fly to the skin looking healthy and beautiful, beauticians are advised not to use a mild soap and shower gel with the effect of peeling or scrub.

The exfoliating granules perfectly clean our dead skin particles and actively affect the blood flow to the tissues. Continue reading

How to made our legs nice and gentle

 legs nice and gentleFoot Care Delicate manicured feet with a neat pedicure and beautiful, the envy of many women. Of course, and whoever wanted to boast manicured feet with delicate snout, causing male desire is always in these legs.

But wait, what tormented by envy, sighing, dreaming of such beauty that you can make your the same, it is enough to give them the attention and proper care for them. Continue reading

Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes

dark circlesCircles under the eyes All women know that the effects of sleepless nights or long flights immediately appear on his face. The first thing we notice in the morning looking at his reflection in the mirror – it’s dark circles under the eyes. Lack of vitamins A and K may also lead to the formation of unsightly bruises and bags under the eyes.

Rarely, but it happens sometimes that the circles appear as a result of allergies to the ingredients contained in cosmetics for the eyes: mascara, eyeliner or shadow. Moreover, in these places it is depression of the eyeball and the natural shade of your stress even more tired. Continue reading

Art painting on nails

Nail ArtNail art Lately it has become fashionable to do is not a simple manicure, a very unusual and bright. There are special schools that teach nail art masters of the art of painting on the nails. In addition to the skills of experienced master should have the taste, imagination and a great talent. Artists difficult to write the big picture, and represent something very small but very nice on nails – doubly difficult.

Around the world, different contests masters of nail art. In his works, they use the most unusual materials: stones, crystals, feathers, beads, foil, cloth, artificial flowers, and more. Continue reading

What to do? If the hair is whipped

whipped hairIf the hair is whipped … Brilliant, beautiful, silky, healthy hair – it is certainly the dream of any of the fair sex. But the reality is not so simple, and each of us is faced with many challenges, among which is one that very few people shy away from – the split ends of hair. And even if there is no fat or conversely, excessive dryness of hair, no dandruff, but the appearance is still flawed…

First, you need to understand the reasons that cause the cross-section of hair. And those very much. These include frequent perms, permanent hair coloring, chemical dyes, temperature, environment, poor diet, lack of vitamins, strict diets, improper care… Continue reading

Getting rid of wrinkles around the eyes

 wrinkles around the eyesThe skin wrinkles around the eyes is very delicate and subtle. Very soon she begins to suffer from the appearance of wrinkles, facial, first, then age. The reasons for the appearance of wrinkles very much: the wrong skin care, constant exposure to cosmetics, cream habit of squinting … come to the rescue, but without popular recipes beauty can not do here.

Here are the most common and effective advice for the prevention of wrinkles around the eyes and the means by which you can noticeably smooth out those wrinkles that are already there. Continue reading

Excessive sweating

SweatingSweating In the hot season women are often worried about sweating. Doctors call this phenomenon rash that comes from the two concepts of hyper strong, Hydra water.

Normal sweating, it’s a perfectly normal function of the body, which is responsible for the cooling of the body by increasing its temperature. But women in violation of the sweat glands are often a feeling of awkwardness and discomfort due to wet or damp hands armpits. Continue reading

Aquarium pedicures

pedicuresAquarium pedicure Soon the long-awaited, hot,  summer. Many girls are now put in order their appearance, to the warm season look perfect. Too proud to clothe your feet in open sandals, many of the girls go to beauty salons to do a pedicure. Lately it has become fashionable to do so-called aquarium pedicure. For the first time it effects experienced Chinese, then in a very short period of time this procedure has spread around the world. Continue reading

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