How does ultraviolet light?

ultraviolet lightUltraviolet light rays act on the surface layer of the skin and contribute to the emergence of sunburn or sunburn. Ultraviolet light rays penetrate into the deeper layers, because of their exposure to the skin gradually loses its tone, her wrinkles, spider veins. Over time, the surface layer of the skin thickens, including the stratum corneum, consists of dead cells appear dark spots. Because of violations of protective functions of the skin becomes drier, a network of wrinkles. Continue reading


How to look well groomed

look well groomedDear women attending if you ever feel that your appearance is something wrong? Like clothes and expensive, and makeup is, and a stylish haircut. But still, as though something is missing, no raisins. To always look well groomed and stunning, you just need to clarify some of the rules and follow them consistently. Start with your body. No matter what your facial features, your skin should shine and no makeup.

Daily clean face tonic, after the procedure, causing moisturizer. Be sure to spend a whole body peeling 12 times a week scrub or exfoliation which removes dead cells from the skin. Consult a beautician. Continue reading

How to save the beauty over 30 years

 beauty over 30The beauty over 30 years she gets some experience, giving it the charm, beauty and sexuality. However, at this age the figure loses its former shape, wrinkles appear, edema, pallor, weight. To preserve the beauty over 30 years, just follow the few simple rules. The key to beauty and youth advocates a healthy lifestyle.

First of all, you need sleep at least 7 but not more than 10 hours a day at the correct mattress and pillows that will ensure normal blood circulation and relaxation spine. Before going to bed should not drink and eat at least 2 hours: excess fluid can cause swelling, and the food will not allow the body to fully relax, because he will have to digest it first. Continue reading

How to paint eyes

EyesGiven the type of makeup and cosmetics should be appropriate. In everyday stress or eyes makeup or lip. In the evening makeup  we select all. Here are some tips on how to paint the eyes in both types of makeup.

Choose cosmetics eyes paint

i. Makeup, as always, begins with a tonal framework for makeup, foundation and powder that one chooses a type and color of the skin, and they will certainly have to be combined with each other in color. Continue reading

Why lashes fall out

 lashes fall In order to captivate men look every day, every girl should be beautiful eyelashes  they are able to give a special expressive look, and even the thought of passion and sexuality.

Therefore, many people use a variety of means: it is lengthening mascara and false eyelashes and shadow, gels, creams and more. Unfortunately, all this hurts lashes if used constantly, and can even lead to such unpleasant problem as the loss of eyelashes, and new ones can grow up not at once. Continue reading

A bit of mascara

mascara useToday mascara makeup used almost all women, but not everyone knows how this cosmetic product appeared, and what species it exists today. Some sources report that the ink has been seen as a student Williams, who mixed with the soot with Vaseline and invited to try this remedy his sister named Mabel later its name and was named one of the most popular in the world of carcass. This happened in 1913.

Later, other brands have picked up new technology and began to produce different types of carcass. In 1939 there was the first waterproof mascara. It was made for the water ballet dancers. In 1960, the cosmetics market was enriched by a colored mascara until that moment comes only in black. Continue reading

If you decide to do the piercing

piercingMany people think about the cherished puncture, wondering where it’s better to do? Of course, it is good that you have decided to join the bandwagon of piercing, but each step must be logically justified. We will understand that such a piercing? Piercing  a piercing human skin at different places for decoration.

It has an ancient history and has been revived thanks to the informal movement of modern youth. The most popular places are puncture navel, ears, nose, teats. To decorate punctures, various accessories, earrings, diamonds and various ornaments. Continue reading

How to highlight blue gray eyes

Blue gray eyesWhat would you highlight blue gray eyes, make up there in order to hide all the flaws, but decorate and emphasize the advantages. Such eye makeup artists called chameleons. They believe that the most appropriate makeup for those eyes popular Smoky ice. Blurred, feathered lines with no definition. This is necessary only to emphasize the lower eyelid.

Makeup Smoky Eyes

  1. Before you start to put on make-up forever powder skin color. The Correction will help remove bags under the eyes. Continue reading

How to apply makeup with gray eyes

makeup with gray eyesThe most popular shade of the makeup with gray eyes. Happy holders of gray eyes of the chameleon are not only maddening of all men with its mystery and charm, but also have the right to use in make up virtually all of the ideas. Stylists call this a versatile color, as do gray eyed ladies can safely experiment with makeup. But still worth it to know exactly all the nuances of applying the right makeup. An important role is also played by the color of hair and skin. Continue reading

How to make a makeup step by step and little tricks and rules

Makeup TipsSensual correctly delineated bright and inviting is not art lipstick? Professional makeup artist known little tricks and techniques that will help make the perfect makeup lips. The brighter the color of lipstick you choose, the more careful we must treat its application. Here are five of the most important stages of application:

  1. The first step – it is necessary to apply a moisturizer or balm that will eliminate peeling and makes the skin smoother.
  2. Now you have to help put the sponge on her lips a little foundation – so lipstick will fall and there will be more evenly spread. Continue reading
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