Natural Shampoo with rosemary and nettle

Natural Shampoo with rosemary and nettleOne reason why the hair could be by using commercial shampoos falls. This recipe is for a natural shampoo rosemary and nettle to stimulate the scalp.

Natural herbal shampoos are absorbed directly into the hair and scalp to promote hair recipient.

Home shampoos have the added advantage of containing no harmful chemicals that are added to many commercial shampoo and hair damage caused.

Nettle and rosemary are great not only for overall health but also the hair to make it grow. Continue reading


Natural Aloe Vera Shampoo

Natural Aloe Vera ShampooFor centuries, aloe Vera, also known as aloe Vera has been used in folk remedies to promote hair health. Aloe Vera is very useful to combat hair loss naturally.

Although many commercial shampoos promote their products contain aloe Vera saying, the truth is that if he says it should be refrigerated is because the amount of aloe Vera is too small or too processed to have any effect. Continue reading

Home remedies to remove gum from hair

Home remedies to remove gum from hairI remember that once went to the movies and someone not very polite threw gum in my sister hit the hair. I remember my sister crying and my mom trying to take it off.

To be honest I do not remember how my mom took it, but reading a book, I found a good home to do trick.

Peanut butter to the gum off hair

The trick is to massage a tablespoon of peanut butter on a piece of gum and around until the oils from the peanut butter begin to dissolve the gum. After a comb remove the gum. Continue reading

Revitalizing for sore eyes

Revitalizing for sore eyesAlthough there is a situation known as tired eyes or eye strain, to which we refer in this article is that the eyes are drooping from lack of sleep or overwork.

If you’re a mom who works at home and away from home, or college student you have other work or just do you uncover the studies and the holidays, surely your eyes look tired.There are several reasons why the eyes look and feel tired. Continue reading

Homemade tinctures new hair to come out

Homemade tinctures new hair to come outIn my house I have vodka, rum and beer but neither my husband nor I had alcohol. So what accomplish I buy? To me tinctures and natural remedies for hair! Vodka and rum are excellent spirits to make tinctures.

They are easy to get and the price is reasonable. To make the dye is not necessary to buy an expensive bottle, cheaper serves well. Well, right now we will not go into details of how to make a tincture because what they are going to give ricotta to prevent hair fall. Continue reading

Homemade and natural skin toning

Homemade and natural skin toningThe tonic, astringent and cooling lotions are very important for healthy skin. This lotion can be functional with a cotton swab or a spray bottle.

Then leave some homemade recipes to make your own toners. Some of them surround vodka treatment makes it last longer as alcohol kills bacteria. However, if you have dry skin it is recommended to use the tonic water that contains alcohol because it removes the natural oil from the skin. Continue reading

Vanishing of a pimple overnight

Vanishing of a pimple overnightMany do not remember the ordeal when they went a pimple and the next day had a date with a special person, a dance or other event where they wanted to look spectacular.

Those who spent almost 30 and have no such problem. Personally, infrequently I dig up an occasional pimple. Here I leave a home remedy for when you need to make a pimple disappear urgently. Continue reading

Herbal remedies for hair loss

Herbal remedies for hair lossBoth men and women we can be affected by hair loss. There are many reasons why hair falls out and it is always important to consult a doctor to ensure that there is a health problem that is causing it.

But it can often be simply by hereditary or as a natural part of the aging process factors.

Fortunately, nature offer us quite a few herbal remedies used to combat hair loss, when the causes are not a disease or drug. Continue reading

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