Steps for a manicure

manicureBefore the stage a manicure, you must ,primarily ,remove the bits and pieces of the old nail finish. To do this, steep a small piece of cotton wool in nail shine remover, push it onto the nail and hold small to dissolve the entire layer. Then do some sliding movements of the hole to the edge of the nail. Remains of old paint must be removed completely. If old nail clogged deep pharyngeal fold ,,it was removed with a small cotton swab, injury with a not very sharp object. This cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover Continue reading


Steps for Pedicure

Steps ofPedicurePedicure must be done at smallest amount once a month. Wrong persons ,women who consider that it is essential to do pedicure only in the hotter months. This sanitized procedure should be approved out in the winter too. Pedicure help to stay the skin of the feet fit. In addition, through this procedure, the expert can save you from painful corns, callus, corns, surplus stratum corneum on the soles of the feet.

When the procedure is very helpful to cover pedicure toenails colorless or painted lacquer. Continue reading

Herbal cosmetics for slippery skin.

natural cosmaticSteam bath for the face.

To keep up the skin in good condition use steam bath, herbal lotion and masks. They cleanse the skin, narrows pores, improves blood circulation.

Steam bath in favor of slippery skin, herbal.

1. Mix equal parts of chamomile, lime blossom, mint leaves, the leaves of willow and oak bark.1 tablespoon of the mixture, place in a jar, pour 2 liters of cold water and situate on the fire to boil. Continue reading

Secret of Beauty

Beauty Why do we seem to face some nicer than others? Accomplish elusive exquisiteness itself, or you can bring some of its laws, identifying exactly those features that make it particularly attractive? Analogous questions for centuries worried mostly artists, but in the XX century. They were joined by a much more mundane configured cosmetologists and surgeons specializing in cosmetic surgery.

Continue reading

How to grow your nails quickly in a week

nailsThe state of the nail is affected by many factors, not by heredity. This – the environment, health, lifestyle, diet.

Since each person’s nail increase speed is different, then their only recipe otraschivaniya exists.

Of course, long nails to produce this week is unlikely, but using domestic and professional beauty tools, you can achieve a good result to make stronger nails and give them a healthy appearance. Continue reading

How to create shellac at home

create shellac at homeManicured hand with gorgeous manicure are the brand of some woman.A simplicity of the square nail end is the fact that it is short-lived and can be uncovered at any time by giving all manner of sloppiness.

In recent years, women about the world has increased the use of shellac. He has been a long time kept on the nails, and to his cause, does not require special knowledge and skills, so this procedure is often performed at home. Continue reading

Hair Mask with a unique tool and a nature gift

Hair Mask with a unique tool and a nature giftThis – olive oil ┬ásince of its high content of vitamins, for whose advantage cannot be overemphasized.

This means even used in ancient times. Beauties of Greece, which is home to olive oil, just did not imagine the loveliness treatments without it. This was additional to water for swim used for the face, body and hair.

This is one of the few tools that is appropriate for all skin types and hair, considerably improving their situation. Continue reading

Natural skin upgrading

Natural skin upgradingIn new years, widespread among the beauties of the world has found the use of the procedure biorevitalisation hyaluronic acid

He is an introduction of the active matter – hyaluronic acid in the problem areas of the face and body. This process occurs by injection, resulting in the revival of skin cells is activated, its improved structure and greater than before elasticity. Continue reading

Placental face a real miracle cosmetology

Placental face a real miracle cosmetologyThe completely natural wish of man is to protect his youth and loveliness for years to come, and many in the pursuit of those risks their health, challenge to go under the surgeon’s knife. But is it necessary to resort to such drastic action?

About the magical property of the placenta has been recognized since the days of Marie Antoinette, even Hippocrates described its action in their scientific works.

The experience of our family was not in vain. Now makeup and drug basis, which is an extract from the placenta, are the most effective in the fight for youth and are very well-liked among women Continue reading

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