Alginate Facial Masks at Home

Facial Masks

Alginate masks are known for their tremendous effect on the skin of many ladies attending beauty salons. Quite often the effect of such masks has been visible after the first application. Therefore, if you want to improve the condition of your skin in a short time, then try for yourself the action of this unusual mask.

Currently, alginate masks can be done not only in beauty salons but also at home. The cost of the procedure is reduced by 3-5 times. And all you need is a bag of dry powder or a gel of an alginate mask, bought at a pharmacy or in a store, and an assistant.

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4 Ideal Tips To Remove Face Glare

Remove Face GlareMost women hate having greasy and shiny skin, as it makes us feel disheveled, uncomfortable and ugly. There are many ways to combat this condition and the solutions are at your fingertips, so at Dove Women, we choose the Tips To Remove Face Glare to teach you what to do to have a naturally beautiful, hydrated and dull skin.

Not a secret: cleaning

Surely you know it, but you do not always practice it: a  daily cleansing of the face is key in the daily beauty routine, as it helps you avoid the shine on the skin.Every morning wash your face with the soaps that Dove has for you. Continue reading


5 Skin Cleansing Errors

Skin ErrorsSkin Cleansing Errors like Dull complexion, black spots, inflammation – all these troubles may remain in the past, if you learn how to cleanse your face properly. Let’s go from the opposite and analyze the most common Tips.

Tips # 1 you’re wrong choosing the means to cleanse

On the market today, they are catastrophically many, and you have one purse. Go to the solution of the Skin Cleansing Errors constructively and when choosing a cleanser, do not rely on the brand or flavor of the product, but on your skin type. Continue reading


Skin care in autumn

skin careSummers is already behind, however it is time to pamper your Skin care in autumn and recover it from the excesses of sun, chlorine and salt and leave it in perfect condition to face the cold and dry air of the winter season. Autumn is the time to nourish and regenerate the skin. To take advantage of the fact that the temperatures are temperate and our skin does not suffer neither the excess of sun nor of cold. Continue reading


6 tips for skin care in autumn

skin careWith low temperatures and changes in ambient humidity, skin care in autumn undergoes a rapid weakening of the natural barrier of hydration, also called emulsified mantle, which serves to maintain an optimal level of water in the cornea layer (10 to 20%). This water content allows maintaining the biomechanical properties of the proteins, giving flexibility, elasticity and firmness to the skin care in autumn, and a slightly acid pH (4.5 to 5.5). This pH is a defense against harmful microorganisms. Continue reading


Treatment of dry hair with natural oils

Dry HairNatural oils have been used at all times to give women beauty hair. However, not everyone knows that in addition to my grandmother’s recipe – burdock oil , there are other options to solve the problem of dry hair. In order to choose the right tool for the treatment of dry hair need to find the root of the problem.

It may be dry or damaged scalp hair shaft. In the first case the scalp sebaceous glands do not produce enough secretion that protects the scalp from external influences. Continue reading


Caring your lips in the winter at home

Winter tipsThe skin of Caring your lips a gentle and defenseless portion of our face, so cold they should be given extra care and attention. In the winter season, women are more closely related to self-care hair hidden under a cap, on the face necessarily applied barrier cream cheeks under tepid scarf, but on the lips of little concern. Continue reading


How Dry the Pimples on Your Face?

Pimples Every person at least once in a lifetime jumped Pimples and for someone – this is a solid problem. The most common acne mass begin to appear during puberty or other hormonal crash. They manifest as skin disease, which appears on the skin in the form of white granules.

Acne usually pop up on your face, neck, chest, upper back and shoulders. So how do they dry, so as to speed up their healing? – You can use a regular aspirin. Continue reading

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