Features of hair polishing procedures

 hair polishingHair Polisher HG Polishen has been a relief for many women with damaged tresses. The procedure quickly became popular and in demand, service offer for its implementation does not require expensive equipment. Held polished hair machine, which is put on a special tip-polisher. It can be purchased on the Internet. Nozzle for polishing the hair can be adjusted from almost any model cars.Processing nozzle locks, trimmed almost every tip. Its boundary turns out smooth, unlike shearing scissors when a loose cut. Continue reading


Facial Treatments

Facial TipsLook perfect, every girl should ensure proper care of your face. Our topic is specifically designed to help you in this matter. We will tell and show what should be the right and high quality care for the face, give useful advice, especially considering all the type, color, skin condition.

This category contains recipes of folk remedies, and the best cosmetics, which will help you to maintain youth and beauty of the face. Continue reading

Moisturizing Face Masks

Facial MasksWhen properly used, is saturated with moisture persons in the quantities it needs. Many girls are asking and whether skin cells so much water? Of course, this is a must, since water is the first source of oxygen, which is so important to complete the work and cell respiration.Water is able to expel from the cells of all harmful substances, pollution and toxins. She also warns against premature aging, provides attraction helps to improve the complexion, prevent dryness and flaking. Continue reading

Massage at Home

body massageOf course, it is good to be able to do a massage from a professional masseur. But it is expensive and not available to all. Sometimes you just do not want to give your body the wrong hands. Why then not acquire any knowledge of massage and do not do it at home? If you want to help your loved one, why doesn’t  it with their own hands, having mastered the simple techniques of massage? Native people always understand each other, and, in a sense, you will be much easier to achieve the goal, than a professional masseur.Of course, there are situations when, without a professional masseur can not do. Continue reading

Create a bronze makeup with their hands

makeupNow let’s look at the application stage by stage makeup in this technique and create the perfect make-up in bronze tones. We will talk about what cosmetics to be live in your purse this summer and share a little trick to use it.

Step 1: Create the illusion of sunburn

A primary by-the order creating the perfect tone, radiant face:

  • First of all, you need to align the tone of the face. If you have dark skin, bronze suitable basis, but do not choose a shade darker than your natural tone. Sun will provide the effect is not a bronze base, and the other. Continue reading

Woman after Thirty

Woman after Thirty,beautyAfter 30 years, women tend to already have some life experience, certain baggage of knowledge, financial independence, she has a unique style, a minimum of complex, high charisma and charm  it’s time to feel like a queen! But years of relentless and lifestyle. The woman’s body after 30 hormonal changes occur as a result of a slim figure spreads outwards. Continue reading

Woman after Fifty

Woman after  50 - Advice to be beautifulAfter 50 years the woman has a great opportunity, but often, because of the conventionalize of life and lack of positive emotions, has no desire to turn off the mountains. And the health problems forced to give up and do not give an incentive to change anything in my life. But do not forget that the human body is very rewarding mechanism, if it is treated with care and properly exploit – he reciprocates.And in 50 years is not too late to learn how to eat right, control diet, keep fit, keep the good looks and appeal. Continue reading

Colors makeup

makeupAn important factor in creating the right makeup, a time and place for which it is intended. For each life event, you must choose a color scheme to comply with the image of harmony with the world around you. Coming to work in war paint, you’re unlikely to earn cheers from colleagues and superiors.

Going for a romantic meeting , elect the future, with a pale make-up expressionless, you do not do WOW effectively and he did not want to repeat your meeting. Continue reading

Secrets of a perfect make up

 perfect make upTo avoid such incidents, familiar with all the intricacies of how to make a beautiful make up at home:

  • Before you go to the question of how to apply makeup, get the state of your skin. It should be just perfect. No trace of fatigue, improper diet, lack of sleep and acne, etc. Smooth, healthy, glowing tone here should look like your skin. How to achieve such a state? Explain what you need to conduct a correct way of life, hope is not necessary.
  • Take pore cleansing, go for this procedure for skin peeling. During the peeling procedure is a thorough treatment of facial skin hydration, as well as the neck. Continue reading
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