Seven secrets to improve complexion

Skin secretIt is normal that worries us looks like our face, an outbreak of acne, shiny skin, wrinkles, every detail matters to us and often we want to remedy, usually to take care of our skin, turn to hundreds of expensive products and often chemicals, however this does not mean that they are always our best choice, there are some secrets that can help us take care of our skin, even our habits.

Daily cleaning

Create cleaning habits for the skin of our face, it is essential if we want to maintain a healthy complexion. Every day our skin is exposed to various environmental pollutants, so that dirt, dead cells and even makeup can build up if we do not keep a routine cleaning. Continue reading


How should you care for the skin of the face?

Face Skin CareIn the care of facial skin are at least three important respects. The first should be constant. The second is necessary to see a specialist to determine which type best suited to your skin type product. And, third, know the protocol needed to be carried out daily.

How many times have to face with a cleanser to wash during the day?

Both women and men, it is recommended to clean the skin at least twice a day. Continue reading

Tips how to become beautiful

More beautyfulTips how to become beautiful some active tips are below..

  1. Wash your face morning and evening make-up gel. Wipe the face with a special lotion, then use a moisturizer and nourishing cream.
  2. In addition to the above cream, you will need also special care for the skin around the eyes. At a young age, you need to use the cream after swelling, and later in life anti wrinkle. Continue reading

How to become more beautiful

become more beautifulIt remains quite a bit of time before the holidays, parties and trips to the guests. Of course, in those wonderful days I want to look your best, so in this article we will tell you about how making your skin to be beautiful and glow of beauty.

Of course, if your skin looks so fine, with any make-up, it will be even better and you will be delightfully beautiful. Continue reading

Facial Mask for skin color

skin colorFacial Mask for skin color, the mask improves the complexion, masks an even complexion, effective face mask color mask for a healthy complexion Smooth skin tone – it is through proper diet, healthy lifestyle, and not the existence of poor health practices. Agree, not everyone of us can abandon those same bad habits, spending time outdoors, doing all kinds of exercises.

Carrot and potato face mask

Rub the carrot, add 1 tablespoon of mashed potatoes L, but only warm, 1 egg yolk. Mix, put on the face, and expect 20 minutes. The mask is removed first with warm water, and after cool. Continue reading

How to get rid of acne?

Get rid acneAcne is one of the most common and troublesome problems with the skin. For the treatment of acne are used a variety of methods, but complete freedom from acne at home is possible only if the combined treatment.

It has long been known that a person with beautiful skin and smooth complexion, are very popular with others. And if before getting rid of acne was only an aesthetic procedure is to have a well-groomed appearance, and in particular beautiful skin is to every person in the world today. Continue reading

Exercises for the feet

feet ExercisesHere are some tips on care to help make your legs enchanting.

When you shave your legs, do not rush

If you shave your legs, you need to keep in mind that there is nothing that destroys the smooth skin, like scratches after a quick shave. When you shave your legs carelessly and hastily, unable to keep the skin, cut around the knees, ankles, and in areas where your skin is thin. Continue reading

Masks cleansing the skin

Masks cleansing skinCleansing mask with charcoal, purifying mask with clay, recipes cleansing masks, effective cleansing mask, cleansing mask for dry skin, cleansing oatmeal mask Many prefer cleansing mask for the face. But why? The fact is that not enough just to wash, but the cleansing mask for the face helps to remove toxins and restore microcirculation.

If you will use every day cleansing mask for the face, it is a breakneck pace will help you and your face to get rid of dead cells at the same time regenerates the skin, improves skin color. To do this, you just should just choose the mask that fits you and your skin type. Continue reading

Naughty freckles

Freckles tipsNaughty freckles Often in the spring under the influence of bright sunlight, some girls freckles. It is yellowish-brown spots often appear on the face or exposed parts of the body. So sometimes our skin reacts to ultraviolet rays emission of melanin. They mostly appear in people with delicate, white-skinned blondes and redheads have.

Some girls like freckles, they emphasize their naughty and cheerful character, and some of them are trying to bring in the belief that spoil the appearance of freckles. Continue reading

How are healthy and beautiful nails

healthy and beautiful nailsThe beautiful ┬ánails – an integral part of any modern image of young ladies … But that nails have always been healthy and beautiful manicure, followed by a competent and need regular maintenance. And there cannot be restricted to occasional visits to the beauty salon.

How are healthy nails?

They are durable, flexible, pink. If it is not, the first thing is to understand the reasons. Problems with the nails may indicate any irregularities in the body. Continue reading

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