Face Massage Against Wrinkles

Face Massage Wrinkles – the lot of maturity, maturity – an indicator of experience and wisdom, but still no one is happy wrinkles. As we have said, there is no tool, not giving wrinkles, but can be for some time to delay their arrival, in particular anti-wrinkle massage will help us today and learn how to do it.

Exercise forehead

Tilt your head back, stretching his neck, and remain in that position 6. At this time, widely open eyes and raise his eyebrows. Continue reading


How to choose the right powder

right powderSave face during the day? Sometimes it requires only one agent – powder, but only need to know how to choose a powder, so you look your best!

Cannot find a single reason to use a dry powder? In vain. This beauty-tool – must have for any woman. Indeed, it can very much:

- Eliminate shine. The skin of almost any type, except excessively dry, begins to shine ugly during the day. Continue reading

How to remove a double chin in a week

 double chin If you notice that you have changed the face and began to appear a second chin, immediately take action. For information on how to remove a double chin for a week now and we’ll talk.

Remember: bring substantial benefit to daily exercises and facial massage.


Start with a simple exercise. Take a pencil in his mouth and write in the air for at least 10 letters of the alphabet. Continue reading

Luxury hair with beautiful hair

Luxury hair Every knows how many artists offer theĀ hair care. Many are trying to attract customers with low prices, while others focus on the number of visitors. However, neither the one nor the other claims about the quality of hairdressers and stylists.

Find a good specialist, able not only to understand the desires of the client, but also to cope with any hair is not so easy.

A friend said …

Continue reading

How to grow up speedily hair by eight ways

grow hair Hair – the pride of every woman, but, by the way, and there are those among men who dream about how to grow hair faster. 8 ways to speed up hair growth – recipes and secrets of care for you.1. Trim

Often need to trim the hair, sick hair with split ends grow poorly .. Every day we use hair dryers and curling irons variety that is certainly dries hair. Getting rid of split ends, our program to grow hair faster. Continue reading

How to apply cream on face


Care for their skin in his youth need to then she repaid us with your gorgeous view. Rules applying cream on the face for you, my dear!

1. Before applying the tool, cosmetologists are advised to allocate it to the phalanges and lightly rub, warming to body temperature. This technique will accelerate the absorption of the cream.

2 Drug on cleansed face with light circular massaging gently. Continue reading

Which oil for what hair and how to apply hair

 how to apply hairOil – a unique tool whose main function – intensely nourishes and regenerates. But that’s not all, and I suggest you 3 ways of applying hair oil, which you did not know.

Oil greatly simplifies the process of laying, protects hair from UV and during prevents split ends.

1. The most popular method of using oil for hair – put it on wet hair after shampooing. Continue reading

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