Elos hair removal to remove unwanted hair

hair removal Perhaps every woman dreams about how to get rid of unwanted body hair. It will also support those men who have seen excessive hair growth. Razors, waxing and sugaring give temporary results. In such cases, you can resort to an effective procedure Elos-Epilation. Incredible effect after the procedure noted by many clients who have decided to get rid of unwanted hair. What is the popularity of Elos Epilation? It appears, in this method combined two types of energy: Continue reading


What cryo-massage

cryo-massageWe all remember from childhood, parents have applied to the site of injury cold packs or even just a piece of ice, so that the blood clotted as soon as possible. This beneficial effect of cold on the skin formed the basis of cryotherapy and cryo-massage.Features cryotherapy:Cryomassage today is not only part of a complex of cryotherapy , but is rather popular method of rejuvenation in beauty salons. Continue reading

How to treatment of Nail diseases

Nail diseases tretmentDo you pay attention to your nails? If they are white dots, spots or other damage, this means that the organism signals so notify diseases. If you have any problems with the nails, do not ignore it, the sooner you start treatment, the better for you.And you know what a man needs nails? They serve as a protective tissue on the toes and hands.

Healthy nails – a reflection of the inner state of the organism. If a person is healthy, and nails are flat and smooth. But if there is a problem in the body, in most cases it can affect the health of nails. Continue reading

How to SPA treatments at home

SPA treatmentsToday, SPA treatment has gained popularity around the world. Cosmetics based on marine and mineral water is considered one of the best for all skin types, and spas, which offer treatments based on SPA, have any self-respecting resort. As you know, the water – this is one of the main components of the human body and a prerequisite for its life.

 A marine and mineral water – is the key to a healthy body and spirit. Herein lies the main benefit SPA. Continue reading

Peeling calcium chloride

PeelingMany cosmetologists do not like to talk about old age, and this procedure is often called peel Hollywood. Cost peeling pleasantly surprised, because of  the  1 session will have to pay about 200 rubles.In Soviet times, peeling calcium chloride was referred to as roll from overcoat. This abbreviated name exactly reflects reality directly during the procedure, medication rolled down the face of small balls.

Continue reading

The use of oil for stretch marks

 stretch marksThe problem of the appearance of stretch marks faced by many women. Buy this cosmetic defect is simple. Unsightly stretch marks occur mainly in the abdomen and thighs, and their appearance are subject to the chest and buttocks, sometimes stretching can also appear in other places.The appearance of stretch marks, or striae, may be due to the following factors -significant weight gain and dramatic weight loss after it,

Continue reading

Make use of chamomile decoction face

beauty tipsSince ancient times was considered a medicinal plant camomile. Tea made from chamomile has a calming effect, a beneficial effect on the stomach and intestines. Medicinal herbs are used not only for the preparation of therapeutic drink chamomile and demand in the field of cosmetology. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, smooths wrinkles, refreshes and relieves irritation. The plant contains such useful substances such as benzo – a powerful natural antiseptic, as well as flavonoids, providing young skin, and coumarin, responsible for skin regeneration. Continue reading

The use of lemon oil

Beauty tipsThe plant is widely used for the prevention of such terrible diseases as the plague and malaria. The plant also helps to remove toxins, relieve arthritis pain and normalize blood pressure. The essential oil from the plant is obtained from the pericarp and immature fruit by distillation or pressing without heating. The resulting product has a good concentration and a strong lemon flavor. I wonder – for 1 kg of product need to process about 3 thousand fruits of lemon, which is almost 60 kg of raw materials.Main useful substances contained in oil – limonene.On properties-A wide range of useful properties of oil of lemon makes it indispensable in sectors such as medicine and cosmetology. Continue reading

Anti-aging facials

beautyIn addition to Botox specialist salon may recommend facial massage, treatment of hyaluronic acid and Mesotherapy. These methods actually give good results. A vivid example of this is the movie stars and singers. However, there are more tools available to combat old age, not least among them are anti-aging facials. About how they can be made at home, explain further.Vegetable rejuvenating mask.It copes well with its task vegetable masks. It is also easy to prepare. You will need 1 potato, 1 cucumber, 5-6 drops of olive oil and lemon juice. Continue reading

Acne treatment

Acne treatment tipsMost often suffer from skin rashes to boys and girls in their teens. Disease manifests in the form of seals reddish, rarely possible to meet large nodules and even cysts. According to doctors, after a transition period the medical term adolescence, acne usually disappear on their own. Most often this disease prone boy and men.What is acne.Numerous rash suggest that the body breaks down the sebaceous glands. The rash often appears on the face, at least – the chest and back. If the acne began to jump on the chest and back, this indicates that the disease is progressing, and needs urgent help Continue reading

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