Homemade facial mask

facial maskBananas:

Peel the fruit and prepare a puree. In the face clean with the fingertips; spread the pulp on the face. Let stand for about 15 minutes. It is for all skin types.


Peel fruit and prepare a smooth mix with the pulp. Apply on the face and neck. This fruit should not be left on the skin for more than 5 minutes. It is ideal for normal to oily skin  Continue reading


Stylish tips for coloring hair style shade

HAIR STYLELadies always try to be a trend – from polish to the tips of the hair. And just about the past will be discussed today. Namely, as in the home to dye hair shade. To begin with let us recall what is shade.

This technique of hair coloring, in which the hair roots are dark, and the tips are clarified. It is used by such world stars as Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and other beauties. Staining shade you can do all the girls without exception, regardless of the length of hair, but it will look better after all to owners of long curls. Ideal for shade – a haircut cascade. Continue reading

Receps beauty of rose petals

beauty of rose petalsThere are many beauty products, which include the extract or rose oil: bath bombs, salts, gels, creams. But nothing compares to the beauty of these properties, rose petals. Incidentally, this is already seen some celebrities. Kara Devlin, Victoria Lopyreva, Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez did not deny myself the pleasure to soak in a bath with rose petals. Continue reading

Beautiful Lips

Beautiful LipsLips always need care, regardless of the time of year. In summer, especially since the body is dehydrated, dry and cracked lips. Make-up  the best   protection lips.

Never go out without inflicting on the lips cosmetic. All lipsticks, glosses, tinted balms and sanitary preparations latest generation ,they are not only stained lips, but prevent them from peeling and the appearance of small cracks. Continue reading

How to keep youth? Eat healthy foods

keep youth,  healthy foodsEvery year we are imperceptibly creeping old age. And everyone wants by all means to keep youth and beauty. Especially it concerns women. So if there are real ways to stay young? It turns out there is. To maintain youth and beauty, as well as slow down the aging process , Women at any age should be regularly incorporated into your diet five Superfoods. Continue reading

Body Scrub Home

Body scrubThe exfoliation is an essential step in to care, because the release of dead cells and promotes regeneration. It also leaves the skin ready for you to put any moisturizing treatment after you exfoliate. Today teach you how making homemade body scrub.

Often we skip this step because the scrubs that sold in the market are expensive, but if you notice, in the ingredient list includes a number of natural elements which, with a correct combination may help you make your home exfoliant .So, we always have on hand and save money. Continue reading

Condition Skin in the Diet

skin in the dietAny diet aimed at weight reduction is always a major stress for our body as a whole and the state of the facial skin in particular. Therefore, if you have a problem, or very dry skin, you should think carefully before you sit down on a rigid, low-calorie diet.

All diets are based on reducing the number of calories consumed primarily provide clear recommendations concerning the use of fats. What they are less in your diet, the more calories remains of proteins and foods containing fiber, giving a much greater feeling of satiety and allows the body, as a result, do not break. Continue reading

Women Face Care

Face CareIf the grid had been laid around the eye wrinkles, eyelids grew heavy, there has been a second ,  do not sigh resignedly  they say that do, the years take their toll. Your autumn has not come yet! It is better to try to perform in the morning a special cosmetic exercise, helps the skin regain a youthful appearance and resist bad weather with harsh winter winds.

Wrinkles on the face will smooth out after 5-6 days of regular contrasting procedures a kind of gymnastics for subcutaneous joints. Continue reading

Beauty women type fire

BEAUTY WOMEN fireBeauty Women type fire reflects the beauty of this vibrant element to the fullest. It has a sharpness and brightness. Women and girls of this type are usually athletic, in their terms, slipping confidence and warmth emanates from them when their nature is balanced.

Their bodies proportionally. They usually medium weight, usually have an extraordinary sight: a very soulful and full of fire. Continue reading

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