Tips for skin beauty in summer

SKIN BEAUTYYour skin, both face and body, suffer without distinction after sun exposure, but certainly the face is the one that requires more pampering for two reasons: it is much more fragile and, to always be exposed, suffers more.

To make matters worse, the face is a letter and if you do not take care as you cast it deserve over years.

Beauty tips are presented to clear signs of summer and you to be alone with the best: a nice tan. Continue reading


Skin and hair tips by Masks with honey

Skin and hair careMasks by honey, Honey has sugars and minerals that give your possible as a nutritious and healthy food. According to their source can have flavor and color. In the world of normal cosmetics is considered an essential ingredient as it provides many benefits for the skin. Here is a look of honey and beauty.

Continue reading

Tips for buying a pair of shoes

Tips for buying a pair of shoesWhen you go out to buy a pair of shoes in which you look?

What is important is not only the shape and not just what to get your attention. Often the best shoe may be the worst for health and for comfort. By buying the shoe must consider a set of features.

To start the best time to buy a pair of shoes is in the afternoon as this is when your feet are bigger, the volume of your feet are probably larger. Continue reading

Tips for Pedicure

Tips for PedicureDuring winter and early fall, the feet have been saved, hidden beneath pairs of socks and covered shoes, little attention is that we provided during that time span.

But it’s time to uncover and begin to wear sandals, your feet are bare and need intensive treatment, to wear them as they deserve and give them a touch of elegance when unfunded in a cute shoe. Continue reading

Meaning of Moles

Tips moleA mole in a given number is on the body of each human being. They can be different shapes and sizes, arranged independently or in groups, some of which nature has endowed us with the birth, others appear in their lifetime.

It is believed that moles have a close connection with the human bio-field, and carry information about his abilities, character and destiny. Should not attach too much importance to this, but still in some sense, this is one way to learn a little about yourself, or a person of interest to us. Continue reading

How to look beautiful and toned back

How to look beautiful and toned backLook back when we go to the beach or we look like an evening dress with a neckline pronounced in the back is where we want our back look elegant and, at the same time beautiful.

However, for a beautiful look backside we have to take care of it properly and this is the axis that supports the body and is responsible for stability in the musculature system and is involved in most movements. Continue reading

Tips for a Radiant Skin

Tips for a Radiant SkinSkin having a radiant and healthy skin does not mean performing great sacrifices.Nor should represent buying beauty products really overpriced.

There are several simple tips and tricks of beauty and health that can help you have a smooth and radiant skin.

Health Tips for glowing skin

Be careful with what you eat If you have oily skin and problems, should avoid caffeine, spices and foods that contain iodides, like shellfish, because they can stimulate the production of the sebaceous glands. Continue reading

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