The Best Winter Skin Care Tips

Skin Care TipsSkin with the integrity of natural healthy skin care regimen for the magnificence of this winter with master counsel.

For sleek skin

On the off chance that whatever you can see is skin and fat matter, thinking back in the mirror, and afterward search for supplements like neem, lemon, lime, clove, cucumber and strawberry tea while gathering Of nourishment for your skin. Continue reading

How to increase your eyes with makeup?

eyes with makeupTo look was attractive and fascinating, it is important that the eyes were large and wide open. Enlarge eyes with makeup is not difficult, but it is important to know the nuances of the application of cosmetics. One of the most important secrets of successful make-up – do not overdo it, otherwise the eye will not attractive and sexual components, as vulgar and tasteless. Continue reading

Caring for skin in winter

skin care in winterThe first thing we do when times are cold – to get warm clothes. Hat, coat, warm pants and shoes comfortable body. But what about the person? The subject of our tireless care, our pride and an object of investment! The facial skin in the winter in urgent need of special care. The cold and the wind, dry air of heated space and the constant changes in temperature that occur when you exit to the street are the main enemies, who is required to secure protection in the winter.

Our skin, adapting to different weather conditions, changes its basic properties. When cold weather and daylight hours decrease reduces the production of sebum. Oily skin is moderately oily, normal closer to dry, dry becomes very dry and sensitive. Continue reading

Infallible tips to fight dry skin

Dry SkinSome women are very concerned about the appearance of their hair, or putting on makeup takes hours, but they forget to care for your skin. Therefore, they can become victims of dryness.

If you do not want that to happen to you, we give you the Infallible tips to fight dry skin to safeguard your skin and always keep soft and hydrated!

Do you want a dramatic change in your dry skin? You must follow these tips Continue reading

The secret ingredient of beauty skin

beautifulThe spiraling stars in the praise of millions of people around the world, including the sun and the world health organization promote consumption and have used it in humanitarian emergencies.

Daily consume it made us want to know more about this secret ingredient of beauty skin that has been listed by the food of the millennium. Far from being a fashionable topic because of the effects it may have on your figure, spiraling algae is an endless source of protein that is being used to combat hunger worldwide. Continue reading

How to make your hair fall

Hair fall offHair fall is a problem that affects both men and women. The good news is that there are ways to combat it and not all involve chemicals that, in the long run, are bad for the body.

The remedy that we propose here you can do it with a simple ingredient that already you have at home: the salt. Sea salt is very popular in various beauty treatments for its medicinal properties and mineral content. In addition, sea salt is used as an exfoliate: Continue reading

7 tips to see us more beautiful without using makeup

Easy Beauty careTo see us beautiful without makeup is possible. Have you heard that some women can not leave their house without makeup, not even to go to the corner store? Many of us live in a panic to see us face washed, and forget that we are cute no matter how many things we put on.

Makeup is an excellent tool to highlight our attributes, and is super fun to use, but there are many tricks so you always look beautiful, with or without makeup. Continue reading

5 Skin care tips in winter

Winter skinWith the fall of the thermometers, what we most want is to raise the temperature of the heating and take refuge in a good blanket, but have you ever thought about how this comes to your skin? During the winter our skin undergoes the sudden change of temperatures and the direct exposure to the cold wind typical of that season, which makes that every day our skin is hard punished. If you want to know how to take care of it and protect your face from all the aggressions of winter, read on.

  1. Deep Cleaning

Although laziness often causes us to avoid the time to completely remove make-up, this step is fundamental for the care of our face, not only in winter, but every day. Make it part of your routine something. Continue reading

A few ways to deal with hair loss

hair loss.Girls who have hair loss out very often, then you should keep an eye on them both for fat.Also, hair thinning may be the reason Tighten the tail, if you have long hair, then you need some time to wear loose hair, especially at home.

Head massage – excellent remedy for hair loss. Making a home massage is very simple, at the same time you need to have only a wooden comb or you can hand it is desirable to make such a message is necessary in the morning and before bedtime. Continue reading

15 tips for winter skin care

winter skin careIn winter it is very frequent that the cold and the wind dry the skin to a greater or less degree. In some cases even dehydration can occur. As the epidermis becomes more sensitive, special care must be taken. It is essential for skin health to tap into resources and treatments aimed at avoiding tightness, irritation and dryness. Here are 15 tips for winter skin care in cold weather.

1 – Clean the skin 2 times a day. At night before bed and in the morning. Cleansers that add hydration are advised. Do not forget to include in the daily routine the neck. Continue reading

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