How to prepare massage oil for the body in the home

oilMassage has always attached great importance to the care of the body and as a healing agent. His miraculous properties were known in ancient times.

Today, feel the healing power of this procedure may, if desired, any woman.

If massage is carried out by highly skilled, they even after the first session noticeable impressive result. Continue reading


Coconut milk for hair

Coconut oilAll times admired the beautiful Indian songs and, of course, black with blue shiny and thick hair of Indian women. And it turns out all the corny, simple – they regularly use natural remedies for hair care, namely – coconut milk.

Now our women can not afford such a luxury. Because coconut milk is on sale in stores that specialize in cosmetics and other implementation tools for body care and hair care Continue reading

How to lengthen eyelashes at home

EyelashLong, thick eyelashes are real decoration of women. They make the look more expressive and fascinate men.

Of course, not all women are lucky, and nature is not all fluffy awarded long eyelashes.

Currently, this is an easy fix. You can contact the salon and eyelashes. However, this method if you frequently refer to it, can lead to thinning eyelashes and further hair loss. Continue reading

Foot care – Seductive legs

Foot care – Seductive legsWomen’s legs have always been high on the agendas of men. Psychologists say that it is the men look to their feet at first, and only then raise your eyes above. But not just for men to take care of your feet. This should be done primarily for yourself, as health is reflected in the feet all of our health and mood. When the sore feet, not to smile on your face!

For a beautiful appearance legs can do a lot. Continue reading

Stylish makeup for eyes

attractive eyesStylish makeup for every day should look virtually invisible. After all, its main function is to emphasize the dignity and divert attention from the shortcomings, if any

Brown eyes

Stylish makeup for brown eyes create very simple. After they fit almost all shades. The main thing to remember is that dark colors – can visually reduce your eyes, and light colors on the contrary – they increase. Continue reading

Original hairstyle

hair styleOn hairstyles as clothing, has its fashion trend, but, as forever, the main rule to styling suits you.

Short hair

Stylish short hair styling to not need a huge amount of time. In addition to the aid of different means for the hair. Wax and gel will give dark hair beautiful and healthy shine. But light can create a sloppy and not washed look. Various mousses and foams are advised to use for fine hair, they will give the necessary volume and without weighing it down. Continue reading

How to make impassive eyes?

Attactive eyesThis technique is suitable to those who by nature are not very big eyes. But even in the case when you’re satisfied with your eyes, this just emphasizes their makeup and makes it more expressive.

Smoky Eyes Makeup steps down as follows:

First of all evens complexion.

Making a black eyeliner pencil. Line are conducted from the inside to the outside, gradually raising it. Continue reading

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