Treatment of cracks lips

cracks lipsIf your lips are swollen, and the skin cracks lips, immediately consult a professional in this case. Make sure that this is not allergic to cosmetics that you use, or toothpaste. If you there is an allergic reaction to some cosmetic preparation, immediately discard it.

The victim lip skin to be treated, the inflammation may become broader, cracks lips can be painful and deep. If this is not the time to do, then the disease can occur red border of the lips, or disease of the skin that can cause chalets, which have worked for a long time and treated. Continue reading


Dry lips and their cause

Dry lipsIt is not strange in our dry lips often blame only ourselves. Just imagine, we have a habit of licking his lips, as if we think that, in this way, we moisturize them, but it is not. Most likely just the opposite, so only increases the dryness of the skin of our lips.

This is because, in the room increased dryness of the air, the moisture evaporates quickly on the lips, and it all starts again. From the wind, frost also occurs, and the rays of the sun, lips, skin naturally cracks. Continue reading

Why there are cracking lips

cracking lipsDryness lips- commonly occurring cause of cracking lips. In addition to dryness, and may be coloring your lipstick, which can corrode the cracks that have appeared in the lips.

In cold weather, use a decorative lipstick better not, or can be applied under it hygienic. Lip Gloss – not the best option in the winter. In the cold luster thickens and certainly causes dryness of your lips. Continue reading

Traditional recipes for maintaining your beauty

BeautyHow it works Camellia contains proteins and acid. Both are well into the structure of the hair, gives volume and smooth hair, so that the light is better reflected falling.

How to make the most beauty

1 teaspoon camellia oil heated slightly rub along the length and ends of wet hair. Cover with a towel, wash off after 20 minutes. This wet hair does not need to pour shampoo directly on the hair. Only then lather shampoo and rinse well. Continue reading

Tips for skin care

Tips for skin careCurrently, there is as a century of fast food. People nowadays often forget about the state of their skin care. Many people want to go on a fruit and vegetable diet, its good for the figure and in general health.

You must constantly feed your skin care, it needs to eat healthy food. It is necessary to drink a day, eight glasses of water. Experts are convinced that thanks to them for a long time, the skin will be soft and supple. Just do not be included in the water, coffee or other drinks that contain caffeine. Continue reading

How to care for your skin?

How to care for your skinIt started the summer, and as you know that your skin needs special skin care. Under the influence of bright sunlight and uv radiation, skin aging and dehydrated. Therefore, i will tell you more about how to care for your skin.

Skin problems

You probably already know that for the whole day on your skin accumulates a lot of dust, the mud settles, and thus clogged pores. In the hot season, the skin accumulates a lot of sebum, and the fight against greasiness of the skin results in over drying. Of course we know that the beauty and health of our skin depends on the purity. In summer, to clean the skin from sweat, dirt and dust, it needs to take a refreshing shower. It is advisable to take a shower in the morning and evening. Continue reading

Oily skin care facial

skin care facialCare of oily skin is no easy task. Today I’ll tell you how to correct and easy to care for the skin, and it is you, will seem very simple to do. Find out at home if your skin is oily, very easily. Let’s walk with you a little test to find out your skin type: Properly rinsed face with plain water, then apply the usual soap solution (soap), are not in any way use for washing gels or foams.

After we wash off all the lather from his face and wipe your face with only a towel. After such washing should not use products for face care. Continue reading

Professional skin care heels

Skin care heelsIf you are going to visit a beauty salon, it must inform you that in the first master itself determine how much to remove layers of the skin care heels, and of course you will treat the edges of cracks and heels themselves. Often, this procedure can last for two or three sessions, and even more. Despite the fact that you still have chosen a hike in fat, the home care heels still has not been canceled.

Home care for the cracks in the skin care heels is to take some baths for feet. There are some options: Continue reading

Cracks on the heels of the feet

Cracks on the heels With such a problem cracks on the heels of the feet, faced by most women. I agree that this problem is simply inconvenient to live. Cracks on the heels create discomfort, preventing us walk properly, to engage in an active lifestyle, and of course we will like to wear shoes, and many cracks on the heels of women are very painful.

How do you determine the cause of the cracks? And how to cope with this problem, I will tell you today. So, let’s begin. Continue reading

How to do facial massage?

Face maggageFacial massage of the key procedures for the care of the beautiful skin of the face on the right. He contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes, and improves circulation. Regular massage helps the skin to regenerate, strengthen the muscles of the face and preserving youth and beauty skin.

Facial massage can do in the comfort of your home and seek help from a professional. Preferably, of course, the second option, because the specialist has the necessary technology and know all the intricacies of the process. Given the state of the skin, it will select the correct cosmetic massage, which of the zones better pay attention, as well as the duration of the process. Continue reading

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