Proper nutrition and molodoct skin

Many women dream to the cosmetic market appeared miracle cream that will be able to give skin of eternal youth. Advise not to hope so – will have to wait long. Smoothness of the skin, shiny hair and strong nails you will find, if optimally provide their skin with nutrients, … Continue reading


Application of blush – Rules of makeup.

A procedure that requires the greatest caution. Important – should not get involved in unnecessary “freshness” is always better to apply blush less than more. There are women who do not need blush, but for many, this procedure is indispensable, especially for women, with a white (bloodless) a person, or … Continue reading


Freckles – Removing freckles and age

Freckle? Why do they appear? Freckles – a natural reaction the response of the organism, which is designed to protect it from harmful UV rays. Freckles contain a special pigment, which collects sunlight and prevents burns. The greatest danger is for ultraviolet blonde and red haired people. That’s why freckles … Continue reading

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