How to increase your eyes with makeup?

To look was attractive and fascinating, it is important that the eyes were large and wide open. Enlarge eyes with makeup is not difficult, but it is important to know the nuances of the application of cosmetics. One of the most important secrets of successful make-up – do not overdo … Continue reading


The secret ingredient of beauty skin

The spiraling stars in the praise of millions of people around the world, including the sun and the world health organization promote consumption and have used it in humanitarian emergencies. Daily consume it made us want to know more about this secret ingredient of beauty skin that has been listed … Continue reading


7 tips to see us more beautiful without using makeup

To see us beautiful without makeup is possible. Have you heard that some women can not leave their house without makeup, not even to go to the corner store? Many of us live in a panic to see us face washed, and forget that we are cute no matter how … Continue reading

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