Caring your lips in the winter at home

Winter tipsThe skin of Caring your lips a gentle and defenseless portion of our face, so cold they should be given extra care and attention. In the winter season, women are more closely related to self-care hair hidden under a cap, on the face necessarily applied barrier cream cheeks under tepid scarf, but on the lips of little concern.

But it was the mouth skin needs extra attention, because the frost vessels are narrowed and she is irritated, peeling begins. And if you have a bad habit the street in the cold the painful cracks you provided. Let’s look at a few of the rules of Caring your lips in winter.

  1. Protect delicate skin. Always before going out, lubricate it with a protective or hygienic lipstick. Its membership should include vitamin B complex, vitamin E and retinol. In frosty weather is better to give up makeup, especially from the stable of bright lipstick. Coloring pigment can cause inflammation if the skin gets into a crack. But if you think that the lipstick without your makeup is not complete, then certainly before the application of decorative lipsticks, lubricate the skin nourishing balm.
  2. Carry out the removal of makeup, not only the face but also the lips. Select tools for makeup remover based on oil. So you tell your dryness.
  3. Make a hydrating mask folk remedy on Caring your lips. The good will of the usual mask of olive oil or honey. Wet in it a cotton pad and wipe their skin. Olive oil softens and makes it supple and honey still owns and antiseptic properties, and heal minor wounds and cracks. And also can be cleaned in the usual lip chilled green tea bags.
  4. Take a daily massage. You can do it or with fingertips or a soft toothbrush.

5. All the time they moisturize. Try to apply lip balm not only before going out, but before going to bed.

6. To Caring your lips looking healthy and beautiful lots of drink water, eat fruits and eat well.


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