How Dry the Pimples on Your Face?

Pimples Every person at least once in a lifetime jumped Pimples and for someone – this is a solid problem. The most common acne mass begin to appear during puberty or other hormonal crash. They manifest as skin disease, which appears on the skin in the form of white granules.

Acne usually pop up on your face, neck, chest, upper back and shoulders. So how do they dry, so as to speed up their healing? – You can use a regular aspirin.

Crush aspirin and mix it with plenty of water, the resulting slurry leave until thick. Apply the texture to the pimples and leave it to dry completely. Then rinse with clean water and soap.

Aspirin relieve burning and will remove redness on the skin of acne. If the pimples does not pass, you can repeat the process, until it disappears. – Remove acne and can be grated cucumber. It is necessary to leave it on the face for 20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. The main causes of acne are diet, stress, clothing, medicine and the wrong skin care.

If you regularly wash and care for your face skin, acne occurrence reduced. If you do not properly observe hygiene in combination with fat clogs the pores on the skin, and it is the cause of acne. Another reason may be applying makeup.

Before applying makeup to the face, the face should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid getting a lot of dirt in Pori. Be sure to check the simple tips for teenage girls how to care for themselves.


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