Treatment of dry hair with natural oils

Dry HairNatural oils have been used at all times to give women beauty hair. However, not everyone knows that in addition to my grandmother’s recipe – burdock oil , there are other options to solve the problem of dry hair. In order to choose the right tool for the treatment of dry hair need to find the root of the problem.

It may be dry or damaged scalp hair shaft. In the first case the scalp sebaceous glands do not produce enough secretion that protects the scalp from external influences.

Most often, this problem is common in women with dry skin of the face and body. In this case, for the treatment of dry hair are appointed by vitamin and mineral preparations for oral administration.

 If you have dry skin will be useful for supplementation of vegetable oil inside.
Preference is to give products with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids – flax, olive oil or fish oil. Now these drugs are available over the counter in capsule form. Dry scalp in need of supplementary feeding and protection. Consider the main oil applied on the scalp and the root zone.

Natural Oils. Its composition is a vegetable wax rather than oil. Natural oils – one of the best oils for the treatment of dry hair, part of the funds for the hair-priced luxury. This means not only moisturizes and nourishes the scalp, it also promotes hair growth and solves the problem of their loss. The fact that it is often the cause of hair loss is the lack of cleaning. The secret of the sebaceous glands clogs the pores of the hair bulb, forming a dry solid plug violating food and oxygen exchange.

Treatment of dry hair using natural oils dissolves the plug and restores the skin’s metabolism. Traditionally used burdock and castor oil is also beneficial to the scalp condition. This is a fairly heavy and greasy, unlike the natural oils. They are rich in tocopherols – vitamin E, which is also called vitamin of beauty. To supply the scalp with natural oils divide the hair parted in the middle, rub into the scalp slightly warmed butter.

Put on a hat and wrap a towel on top. Minimum mask exposure time – 30 minutes, but it is desirable to leave it for 2-4 hours. After a good wash your hair with a mild shampoo and warm water. Treatment for dry hair with the help of the oil body wraps should be carried out once a week. Now consider the second problem – damaged hair, aggressive action. Coloring, hair styling, exposure to ultraviolet light capable of silky tresses make mop dry hay. Treatment for dry hair with natural oils help to re-give your hair a luxurious look.

The best tools for this are considered to be olive and coconut oil. They are applied on wet hair before washing, distributed over the entire length and left for 1-2 hours. You can treat dry hair in the evening, leaving the mask on the night. When applying oil to the hair should pay special attention to the tips – due to the increased lifetime, this part of the hair is often the most damaged. Treatment for dry hair oil mask has visible results after one or two applications.

However, the procedure is carried out regularly, because beautiful hair – one of the main women’s jewelry!


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