5 Skin Cleansing Errors

Skin ErrorsSkin Cleansing Errors like Dull complexion, black spots, inflammation – all these troubles may remain in the past, if you learn how to cleanse your face properly. Let’s go from the opposite and analyze the most common Tips.

Tips # 1 you’re wrong choosing the means to cleanse

On the market today, they are catastrophically many, and you have one purse. Go to the solution of the Skin Cleansing Errors constructively and when choosing a cleanser, do not rely on the brand or flavor of the product, but on your skin type.

If it is dry and / or very sensitive, look at the soft stuff with nutritious and soothing ingredients. For combination and oily skin, cleansers that best promote the regulation of the sebaceous glands work best.

Tips # 2 wash yourself with too hot water

Hot water actively removes skin, fat, which causes dryness and makes the complexion dim. Knowing this, follow the commandment of the golden mean – wash only with warm water.

Tips # 3 you pay less attention to the neck d the area around the eyes

And by the way, the neck first gives out the age of the woman. You’re fine, if you carefully take care of your skin, but do not forget to cleanse your neck. It also accumulates sweat and various contaminants during the day, it also needs a sunscreen, and at the end of the day – makeup remover. As for the area around the eyes, use the funds that have passed the ophthalmologist control, and try to choose products of the most delicate texture.

Tips # 4 you do not take enough make-up

Cosmetics need to be able not only to correctly apply, but also to remove. Especially when it comes to persistent products. Catch Zen, practice a time manager, in a word, do anything, but you have to sleep with a perfectly clean face. If there is not enough time, help home appliances to cleanse the face. Looking at the speed with which they brush vibrates, you might think that these machines destroy the hydrolipid mantle. But this is not so. The apparatus can be used at least several times a day, they are excellent at cleaning the skin and completely remove makeup.

Tips # 5 you’re keen on scrubs

If the tool is written to use it 1-2 times a week, do not argue with the manufacturer. Let you are ready for your beauty for everything, with scrubs (especially abrasive) it is better not to separate, otherwise the protective lipid mantle will simply not be able to form. Like when the skin is cleared to squeak? Find a product that can be used on a daily basis – this will be notified by a special label on the package.


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