6 tips for skin care in autumn

skin careWith low temperatures and changes in ambient humidity, skin care in autumn undergoes a rapid weakening of the natural barrier of hydration, also called emulsified mantle, which serves to maintain an optimal level of water in the cornea layer (10 to 20%). This water content allows maintaining the biomechanical properties of the proteins, giving flexibility, elasticity and firmness to the skin care in autumn, and a slightly acid pH (4.5 to 5.5). This pH is a defense against harmful microorganisms.

Acidity is a very important feature of the skin, in fact in many dermatomes a dermal is observed. There are several factors that raise the pH of the skin such as age and washing with detergents, so it is necessary to use products like sera with vitamin C , to recover the natural pH. These optimal conditions of hydration and pH are also necessary for the regulation of desquamation and the enzymatic activity that carries out this task.

  1. We know that our skin is permanently renewed but due to lack of water catalytic enzymes are inactivated. The replacement is delayed and the dead cells accumulate, giving an opaque and grayish appearance to the skin. To restore the skin care in autumn to its natural smoothness, we would need to perform with a professional a peeling treatment or enzymatic peeling. Today, we use the enzyme purified pepsin, of known activity, this can be imagined as the force with which the enzyme dissolves dead skin cells. The activity of the enzymes is chosen so as to ensure their effectiveness and at the same time a smooth and safe operation on the skin.
  1. The epidermal barrier can be damaged using products with aggressive chemicals, which is why it is so important to choose cleaning emulsions that respect the structure of the skin. Hygiene will be done twice a day to remove makeup, dead cells, detritus and environmental contaminants that usually adhere to the skin during the day.
  2. So far we have seen the importance of hydration and maintenance of the barrier of protection, now the objective is to recover the correct regeneration of the coetaneous tissue. As a consequence of the cold, on the surface of the skin vasoconstriction occurs, that is, the capillaries contract by decreasing irrigation. As a result, there is less oxygen and nutrients for the cells, so the skin slows regeneration processes, so we must help the skin to renew itself with specific cosmetics. Remember that the skin care in autumn regenerates especially at night, so it is advisable to apply these products before bed.
  3. In the morning after washing our face with clear water, we will take care of moisturizing and protection before makeup. This moment of the day is fundamental to give the skin maximum care with natural actives such as biosynthesized creaminess that retain water; Lip polypeptides, which are cosmetic actives that act as a messenger for the senses, helping to comfort the skin. In addition, they create a more pleasant and relaxed feeling. It has a double action: it inhibits the muscular contraction responsible for the appearance of expression lines and stimulates the synthesis of pro-endorphins, so it is used in the new cosmetics of well-being.
  4. Natural protection with cyclosporine amino acids produced by certain algae and colorless arytenoids, which have effective activity against oxidative damage that can lead to premature aging, should also not be forgotten. These actives are able to control pigmentation by inhibiting melanin synthesis, protection that also lightens the skin, reduces inflammation, oxidation and is effective against UVA / UVB rays.
  5. Finally, it is important to also care for the eye contour. Always use a specific product for this area, because the particular skin is thinner, sensitive and susceptible to dehydration. To protect it from the cold and the wind it would be advisable to use sunglasses to go out in the winter.

As the skin care in autumn is the most extensive organ of the body all the advice we receive to take care of it are applicable both on the face as on legs, arms, torso, etc. Only products that convey the assets in appropriate concentrations and textures more appropriate to those surfaces should be chosen.


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