Alginate Facial Masks at Home

Facial Masks

Alginate masks are known for their tremendous effect on the skin of many ladies attending beauty salons. Quite often the effect of such masks has been visible after the first application. Therefore, if you want to improve the condition of your skin in a short time, then try for yourself the action of this unusual mask.

Currently, alginate masks can be done not only in beauty salons but also at home. The cost of the procedure is reduced by 3-5 times. And all you need is a bag of dry powder or a gel of an alginate mask, bought at a pharmacy or in a store, and an assistant.

Alginate mask allows solving several problems at once. It cools and refreshes the skin of the face, has a lifting effect on it, has an anti-inflammatory effect, fights against pimples and black dots, narrows the enlarged pores, improves blood circulation, thereby increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, improves complexion and is a good prophylaxis of premature Aging of the skin. Another advantage of the alginate mask is that it can be used for any skin type, as well as for any age. In combination with regular care, alginate mask prevents the appearance of early wrinkles, smooth the skin, maintain its tone.

Alginate masks have the ability to enhance the effects of other cosmetic serums, essential oils, creams, etc., if they are applied directly to the mask. But in this case, before applying the mask, it is necessary that the previous remedy is well absorbed.

Before you start using alginate face masks, check to see if you are allergic to components from algae!As we have already said, you can buy alginate masks in the form of a dry powder and in the form of a ready-made gel. When using a powder, it must first be diluted with water in accordance with the instructions and carefully mixed to leave no lumps. Do the whole procedure quickly. Once you dissolve the powder, you must immediately apply the mask to the pre-cleaned face or body. If you want to put a mask on the whole face, then it is better to pre-grease eyebrows and eyelashes with a fat cream. Apply the mass with a special spatula or spatula, while the time of its application should be limited to 5-7 minutes. After the expiration of this time, the mask will solidify, and it will be impossible to restore it. Applying the mask most conveniently lying down, it is best to instruct the assistant.

Shortly after application, the alginate mask freezes and becomes like a film through which neither water nor air can penetrate. The mask should be kept for about 30 minutes, and then removed from the face by simply removing the impression from the surface of the skin. After that, the skin is wiped with a tonic, or applied nutrients, if it was not done before.face masks are recommended to do courses, from 1 to 4 times a week.

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