What is nutricosmetics?

The nutricosmetics is an industry that researches, develops and markets products with micronutrients that improve skin condition, hair and nails and fight aging. The nutricosmetics surely have seen it advertised on TV or in pharmacies, as is often accompanied by strong marketing campaigns, including all products that touch the beauty … Continue reading


What Are the Risk Factors for Developing Acne?

Legends about what contributes to acne are quite common. Many people believe that foods such as chocolate or French fries will contribute to the development of acne. While there is no scientific support for these claims, there are certain risk factors that may put you at risk for developing acne. … Continue reading


How to make a safe effective makeup tips

Makeup can harm your health and beauty. Learn how to correctly store and use makeup to protect themselves from unwanted effects. 1. Inside cosmetic clean. In a tube of lipstick or a box with connector can easily settle and multiply dangerous bacteria or fungus, which will ultimately lead to conjunctivitis … Continue reading

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