The care of their feet in the cold season

The warm shoes, and now, in the cold season, our feet very different conditions. Therefore, the foot care needs special. Changing shoes at a closed can lead to excessive sweating of the feet. This will help get rid of the following recipes of traditional medicine: – One teaspoon of salt … Continue reading


Tips for dry lips and braces

With the cold lips dry out, today we give you the steps to look spongy lips and without cracks. Exfoliation once a week to remove dead skin, you can carefully remove the skin dry using a soft toothbrush and throw you lips stop and stay smooth and shiny. To achieve … Continue reading


Dry skin (Care for dry skin)

Fine porosity and thin dry skin epidermis of young people looks superficially very attractive, but is prone to premature wrinkles and folds. In addition, dry skin reacts negatively to temperature variations, change of weather; it leads to staining, cracking, inflammation, redness and peeling occur. On dry skin rarely clearly loom … Continue reading

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