Grapes against wrinkles

Grapes have great moisturizing power. They are rich in poly phenols and vitamins. They have hydrating and moisturizing. You can make your own cream. The grape has revolutionized the field of cosmetics, which has taken advantage of its excellent anti-aging properties creating effective treatments.


Food for protection from the sun

We’ve been talking about the importance of protecting our skin and hair from the sun, which is essential in the summer than ultraviolet rays penetrate more than ever. Today we want more but give you some tips to protect yourself from sun. So, food plays a key role when caring … Continue reading



Grape diet – it’s delicious summer diet, calculated to four days.  The main advantage of this diet is that you absolutely will not feel hungry.  To choose a diet with grape seeds: they contain more polyphenols that counter the aging process. The first day. Breakfast: muesli with grapes, oranges and … Continue reading

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