How to make a makeup step by step and little tricks and rules

Sensual correctly delineated bright and inviting is not art lipstick? Professional makeup artist known little tricks and techniques that will help make the perfect makeup lips. The brighter the color of lipstick you choose, the more careful we must treat its application. Here are five of the most important stages … Continue reading


How to avoid mistakes when you create a bride’s makeup?

Mastering a beautiful wedding makeup alone, refusing the services of a makeup artist, you can easily make unforgivable mistakes and spoil the whole image. To avoid this you have to step through to learn some important points. Do not use stale cosmetics that would not spoil your image. Pre-check all … Continue reading


Evening make-up for special color typecasting

Evening make-up for contrast, facial features should be catchy, contrast. You will eyeliner black or dark blue outline and bright colors of lipstick, dark shadows in combination with light, almost white shadows and accentuated eyebrows. To Shining type is necessary, first of all, releasing heat, radiant skin tone face with … Continue reading

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