Proper nutrition and molodoct skin

Many women dream to the cosmetic market appeared miracle cream that will be able to give skin of eternal youth. Advise not to hope so – will have to wait long. Smoothness of the skin, shiny hair and strong nails you will find, if optimally provide their skin with nutrients, … Continue reading


Effective treatment of acne and acne

Effective treatment of acne and acne  This method of acne treatment practiced by my grandmother – a village travnitsa. Results have always been fantastic – smooth skin for a few days. Check the performance of this method on many examples, with full responsibility: if all it was used, the beauty parlors … Continue reading


Sea Products – storehouse of natural minerals.

Composition of seawater is very complicated; it contains about 3.5% of dissolved inorganic substances. Growing algae in seawater makes these inorganic compounds in organic form.  Ocean, located at the lowest level of Earth’s surface serves as a reservoir, which accumulate all chemicals that fall under the influence there of various … Continue reading

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