Replacement of breast implants: What you need to know?

Surgery based on replacement of breast implants is currently raging in large part due to the controversy generated by the defective implant placement GDP, which has reopened the necessitate turnover of breast implants. Although at first it is a simple surgery in certain cases can be difficult and complicated.


5 Beauty Tips To Look and Feel Superb

For occupations within and outside the home and with family responsibilities, often forget to serve you and pamper yourself. Focus a little more on your person and incorporates these easy tips to your beauty routine to feel great and wonderful to see you without any complications.


More Tips And Tricks for Skin Dieases

BLACK SPOTS AND GRANITE A patient’s question: I’m suffering with pimples but I tried many creams, treatments … I wonder that could do or what I recommend cream. In addition, nose and chin I have blackheads and I wonder what I can do with them. Doctor replies: The problem is that external treatments usually not curative. Sometimes acne creams recommend antibiotics associated … Continue reading

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