Masks of carrots for different skin types

Since ancient times, known for the healing properties of carrots. It contains a lot of glucose; it is composed of potassium, cobalt, iron, copper, iodine. And although most of carrots valued for its high content of pro-vitamin a (carotene), there are many other vitamins (vitamins B and C, D, K … Continue reading


Which oil is best for your skin?

In recipes, face masks, which we offer one of the components is often a vegetable oil. Many of us know this as well refined sunflower oil, especially as it is in every house. But apart from sunflower used for cosmetic purposes and other oils, which is called the base beauticians.


Properties of Olive

The olive tree is an evergreen tree that grows in almost all the Mediterranean and that can reach 20 -30 meters in height. Its leaves have properties febrifugal, astringent, antiseptic and hypoglycemic. They also have lower blood pressure, and under medical supervision, can be used in the cure hypertension.

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