Natural Cosmetics for pregnant women

Eat healthy during pregnancy? You can eat the best food, but it gets on your skin? Control of personal care products is very different than the food. Do not be naive. Many of them contain ingredients that are associated with the formation of cancer cells, allergies, endocrine disorders, biochemical and … Continue reading


Natural Remedies: Give firmness to the breast after birth

To give firmness to the breasts after childbirth, there are two natural beauty recipes, both based lady’s mantle that can be used: Lion standing decoction Ingredients: 40 grams of lady’s mantle leaves, with peduncles 1 liter of water


Natural Beauty tips: During and after pregnancy

Because, during pregnancy, the skin becomes sensitive to the sun which favors the appearance of dark spots and freckles on the face and around the body and, in turn, becomes dry, it is recommended that: Not exposed to direct sunlight or in hot weather or snow sports practicing. Protect yourself … Continue reading

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