Skin care spring

Our skin needs attention at any time of year. And so early in the spring, when, and vitamin deficiency affects, and “frost angry without reason”, trying to face the icy wind to breathe special. For a long chilly winter, our skin visibly tired from extreme temperatures, acquired a sallow or … Continue reading


Prepares the skin for the sun with Dior

Spring sun encourages, those sunbeams have missed so much in the winter. But if your skin is white? Still have not remedied cellulite? If so, do not miss our favorite products essential to take on those sunny days, with a skin and a great color. First a treatment product Dior … Continue reading


Spring Hair Care

In the spring season as always all crazy with the operation bikini, to be perfect, but today we will leave the hair point, it is also very important. A healthy, shiny hair, speaks volumes about the image. Take note of these tips: Do not abuse the dryers and irons, and … Continue reading

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