Simply acne

Simply acne in people who have long emerged from adolescence – a phenomenon quite common. According to the latest statistics, it suffers from one in three women. What explains this epidemic? A special sensitivity to stress hormones, which in our lives become more and more. Less known cause – the use … Continue reading


Recommended Diet for acne

Although young people in general are those who suffer most from acne, the truth is that this skin problem also affects adults. Whether stress or hormonal imbalances, acne are something that nobody likes but that can be solved considering the consistency and discipline to attack and prevent future outbreaks.


Homemade masks for acne

Consistency is very important for any treatment to take effect. And the anti acne treatments are no exception. Here I post several recipes for masks that are good for removing acne. Should be repeated for several weeks to see results. Natural anti acne masks Honey mask

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