Home exfoliation for the skin

After 25 years, the skin loses the ability to remove old cells and these are attached clogging the pores, allowing impurities to accumulate and preventing oxygenation, when this happens the skin looks dull and pimples or blackheads. By exfoliating the skin to sweep impurities and dead cells, so the skin … Continue reading


Remove excess fat in the skin based on kiwi

If you usually have pimples on the face, it may be because you have skin prone to excess fat. To avoid this you can use a simple trick. Is to be a cure based on kiwi fruit because it is a remarkably refreshing astringent and skin. To this end, cut … Continue reading


Natural trick against pimples and blackheads

All we know, what they are unsightly pimples when they appear and try to cover plug, but they resist and remain. Today we will try to finish them, based on a recipe marry and what is best inexpensive. We take three or four strawberries if they are very small, cut … Continue reading

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