6 tips for skin care in autumn

With low temperatures and changes in ambient humidity, skin care in autumn undergoes a rapid weakening of the natural barrier of hydration, also called emulsified mantle, which serves to maintain an optimal level of water in the cornea layer (10 to 20%). This water content allows maintaining the biomechanical properties … Continue reading


Hypersensitive skin care

All skins react differently to external aggression or emotions. If you suffer redness, itching or stinging often can make your skin more sensitive than others. Despite a widespread belief, cutaneous hyper reactivity is not exclusive to dry skin. Hypersensitive, hyper reactive, irritable or intolerant skin is not a type of … Continue reading


Psychotherapy for health and beauty body

psychotherapy┬áreceived recognition many women who look after their health and body. Of course, the procedure can not be considered a panacea for all problems, but its effectiveness in ensuring the lymphatic drainage is no doubt. The procedure uses a special apparatus for pressure therapy, which resembles the suit with a … Continue reading

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